Virtual Baby Shower Ideas for a Modern Mom


A baby shower is exciting for every mom out there but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, planning and organizing can be a bit challenging. An expectant mom might be a little upset as everyone is required to practice social distancing, and public authorities prohibit gatherings and parties. Despite what’s happening around the world, it doesn’t mean your baby shower can’t happen at all.

As we live in a digital world, family special events can carry on by having an online gathering. Several moms-to-be had virtual baby showers in-lieu of the traditional one. Everyone can meet up using computers and smartphones. It’s different from a typical baby shower, but the purpose and excitement would still be the same. If this is something new to you, this writing will give you ideas that make your virtual baby shower memorable.

Select The Virtual Venue

As you’ll be connecting with your guests via video conferencing, consider which platform will you be using. Most people nowadays prefer to use Zoom and Skype, both are free platforms. Spend some time using each platform to gauge which one suits for the event. It’s also essential to check your internet connection as well as getting a top-quality webcam. These are crucial for taking virtual baby shower pictures together with the natural lighting of the space you have chosen where to video chat. Nowadays, the most popular is zoom as it can accommodate a large number of guests. Plus, you can take advantage of the decorative custom backgrounds. Electronic invites can be sent ahead of time to ensure your guests will be reminded. Celebrating via video conferencing also offers another advantage. Most of the platforms have the ability to record the duration of the party. It would be an amazing memory that you can share with your child in the future. Other video platforms to check are WhatsApp and Google Hangouts.

Plan Extra Games and Activities

As virtual parties bring all guests altogether in a conversation, games, and activities will minimize any awkward silence about who should talk first. Ask a close friend of yours to host fun activities. You can opt for some baby trivia, guess the celebrity babies, or guess the baby photos of friends. Whatever you choose, do not forget the prizes. It can make the activities fun and exciting and guests are likely to participate. You can opt for gift certificates for restaurants, online shops, and a lot more. After the games, you can ask attendees to share some pieces of advice and sweet messages.

Have a Creative Dish and Drink

You can plan a simple menu yet creative. You can send off the food to the participants prior to the scheduled event. It could be a simple snack like cupcakes and other pastries that you can enjoy altogether while video conferencing. You may include some souvenirs when sending off the food. These efforts can make a memorable difference to your virtual party. Also, it would be a nice idea to remind the guests to have a refreshment on hand to have a toast for the mom-to-be and wish for safe delivery.

Assign Tasks Ahead of Time

Although it would be a virtual party, it’s a great help to assign tasks to other family members ahead of time. You can start by organizing the formal invitation. Ask one of your friends to do hosting and facilitating games and activities. Another individual can also take charge of taking pictures during the party. You may also need music while having the games to set the mood of the participants. Careful planning and task management are some of the key factors in a successful party, regardless if it’s an in-person or a virtual one.

Ask The Guests to Dress Up

Nothing should stop you from selecting a theme for the virtual baby shower. The Covid-19 makes us stay at home and be comfortable with our yoga pants and loungewear. The virtual baby shower is a perfect excuse to dress up once again. You can ask participants to dress up according to the theme you have selected. They can wear neutral colors so the parents-to-be will stand out from the virtual crowd. The dress code should be included in the formal invitation so guests will have time to prepare.

Having a baby shower is a great opportunity for the new parents-to-be to have the support of family and friends. It’s a perfect time for you to realize that you are not alone and your loved ones are also excited about the new chapter of your lives. This might be different from what you originally planned, but the ultimate goal is relatively the same, to share your happiness with family and friends.



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