Ways To Earn Extra Money From Home


Earning extra money is now a lot easier because there are so many income opportunities that you can do from home. If you’re seeking ways to supplement your salary from a full-time job, a few hours each day working from home will help. Whether you’re still studying or a stay-at-home mom wanting to earn from side gigs, there are various ways to earn extra cash without leaving your house.

Many people opt to do freelance work because they can take care of their children. Some also get work-from-home gigs to help them pay for their studies or support themselves while in-between jobs or recovering from illness. In essence, we’re very lucky to have numerous legitimate opportunities to earn extra money from home.

Best Ways to Earn Extra Money from Home

Use your skills and talent to give your income a boost. This list will provide you with an idea of where and how to generate extra money for your personal use or as a supplemental income for the household.

Flex Your Writing Muscles

 Freelance writing is a lucrative side job. Some people also write from home as a regular source of income!

There are different types of writing tasks that you can do online. If you have an aptitude for writing, use this ability to generate extra money.

  • Find a client through freelancing platforms, like Upwork, online job boards, and websites accepting paid article submissions. Freelance writing was very much present back in the day. However, with modern technology, you don’t have to rely on snail mail to submit your work to the publisher or your client.
  • Pay varies depending on the type of content required by the client. Academic-related content typically commands higher rates, but copywriting and other sales-related content also pays well.
  • Freelance writing allows you to choose the hours that you want, which makes it one of the most flexible ways to earn extra money without leaving your house.

Proofread and Edit to Earn Extra

 Writing for your favorite niche/s is not the only way to earn additional money to boost your regular income. If you’re great at catching mistakes in written content, now is the time to put it to good use.

Some companies outsource their editing and proofreading tasks, which may be on a seasonal or regular basis.  However, unlike freelance writing, working as a freelance editor or proofreader require previous experience.

  • Editor vs. Proofreader: Editing and proofreading are entirely different tasks. Nevertheless, you can become both if you possess the necessary skills. Editors and proofreaders are vital in creating quality content.

Editing does not only involve correcting grammar and spelling errors, but it also ensures the material adheres to the brand’s voice. Proofreading, or proofing, is the final step in content creation and focuses more on the technical aspects of the content.

  • Editing and proofreading jobs are typically paid-by-the-hour jobs, although you may be required to follow and meet specific metrics and goals.

Earn with Online Surveys

 Online surveys may sound like a scam, but there are legitimate sites that pay people to take surveys. If you’re looking for the best sites for taking paid online surveys for money, keep in mind that not all websites should be trusted.

Here are some tips on avoiding fake paid online surveys:

  • Manage your expectations: If you want to earn big bucks, an online survey site is not the place to get it, even if they’re legit. You’re likely to earn points, coupons, gift cards, product samples, or cash if you qualify and accomplish a survey.
  • Do not pay to take surveys: Scam “middleman” sites will ask you to pay a “membership fee” to get access to exclusive opportunities and high-paying surveys. Most legitimate and paying online sites don’t charge people to answer surveys.
  • Never give out sensitive information: Market research companies collect information to help improve products and services. However, if a survey site is asking for your full address, social security number, or credit card details, run for the hills.

Learn more about paid online surveys at TeachMePersonalFinance.com.

Become a Website Tester

 Companies compensate people to test their website. Testing a website means opening the site, using it, and sharing your thoughts to get paid.

You can earn up to $30 per hour as a website tester. Companies will ask you to do specific tasks while your screen and voice is being recorded.

Promote Products and Services

 Are you active on social media? Do you have many followers? Use your social media presence to good use by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Influencers earn by promoting brands on their social media accounts and their blogs. You can also make money by posting an affiliate link on your blog and social media profiles. An affiliate link helps you get a commission when one of your connections purchases the product or service.

Start a Blog

 Do you love to write about your interests and hobbies? Why not make a blog and start money from it? Blogging is a great way to gain additional money without leaving your home.

Here are the things to remember when starting a blog to make extra money:

  • Running a blog takes time and a lot of patience: You should not expect to start earning from it overnight.
  • Don’t start a blog to earn money: Your goal is to provide relevant and valuable information to your readers. Sounding too sales-y will turn off your readers.
  • Keep content updated: One way to keep viewership active is by maintaining a steady stream of exciting and engaging blog posts.
  • Consider vlogging: Some people don’t have the patience to read an entire article all the time, so why not make video blogs now and then?

Sell Stuff Online

 Starting an online store is another option for those who want to earn extra cash while staying at home. People love buying stuff over the Internet. You can take advantage of free online selling platforms, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. On the other hand, sites like eBid and Etsy allow you to list your items for a fee.

Here are some ideas on what to sell online:

  • Pre-loved items: Instead of holding a garage sale, you can sell your unwanted things online. It’s a great way to free up storage space while earning extra cash.
  • Baked goods: A lot of people sell cookies, cakes, and pastries online. If your friends love your chocolate chip cookies, selling them online can be a great source of extra income.
  • Crafts and accessories: Turn your hobbies into a lucrative side gig by selling unique handmade products and accessories online.

Become an Online Tutor

Tutoring is now more accessible thanks to the Internet. Back in the day, tutors have to travel to meet their students for face-to-face sessions. Online tutoring sites, like Udemy, allows you to teach online courses without leaving your home.

Got a degree in Economics? Are you an expert in digital marketing? Use your expertise to become a successful tutor – it’s a great way to impart knowledge and get paid while doing it!

Open a Daycare Service

Not all side gigs are performed over the Internet. If you’re a full-time SAHM, you should consider operating a daycare at home. You can earn a nice income while taking care of your kids at the same time. Remember, you need to get permission from the local government to start your daycare service.

The great thing about an at-home daycare is that there are fewer children in the facility compared to a corporate daycare service.

A few things to remember before running a daycare service in your home:

  • Patience is key: A daycare side gig is not suitable for you if you don’t have patience in taking care of children.
  • Ensure your home is safe: You should child-proof your home to avoid any accidents involving small children.
  • Be prepared: Small kids get bored quickly, so it’s best to have educational activities in store for them.
  • Accept what you can manage: Having a big group of children in your home is not a good idea. Kids should be supervised all the time, and having too many will be challenging – unless you have someone to assist you at home.

Learn About Investing

If you have some money to spare, investing is a great way to earn extra income without ever leaving your home. You can choose to invest in stocks, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrencies.

Take note that investing involves risks, so you should only invest an amount that you can afford to lose. But with proper knowledge, you can learn the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks in no time.


The ups and downs of the economy is a good indicator that we should be mindful of our finances. Fortunately, there is no shortage of money-making gigs to do without ever leaving your home.
Even if you have a regular job, a side job or freelance work is a great way to boost your income


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