Wedding Planning Giving You Headaches? Try These Simple Tips


A day that has to come out perfect! But as much as we want it to be like this or like that, the reality is that we will be facing all sorts of problems along the way and sometimes just plain get stuck on them. Lack of money or help from the future spouse, no inspiration, guests, and family not responding to invitations, and so forth… all of those things are very irritating.

To combat this, there are many remedies, some of which mean literally taking medication for headaches, while others are more elegant and focus on solving the problem itself. For this wonderful occasion to turn out perfect, there are a lot of steps, none of which are unsolvable, and with these simple tips, you will be at it in no time at all.

Don’t Do It Alone

All right, maybe you’re good at planning, maybe it’s part of your professional life or you’re just the only one trusted or interested in doing so. And it can all start full of excitement, enthusiasm, and energy, but sooner than later, it will prove to be too big of a bite, to do it all by yourself.

Depending on the size of your wedding, how many people, type of celebration, or other logistics you have to cover, the smartest thing would be to share pieces of burden with somebody – your family members and friends, and this will make them happy and proud, for sure. Your girlfriends can help you with flower arrangements, thoughts on invitations design, or they can even engage in some DIY projects. Boys’ help you can expect in getting the furniture, drinks, and food.

On the other hand, you can consider getting professional help, or even just some guidance.

Go All Inclusive

Perhaps you don’t need to organize everything on your own or perhaps you haven’t even planned it, from the start. You know that the most stress-free, carefree, and drama-free option is getting professional help.

The biggest advantage in this option is that the cost of the service is often comparable to what you will invest on your own – in professionals’ favor. The offers you can see at for example, are still the best deal when you already know what bases are there to cover. The truth here is that wedding organizers usually have already formed contacts, coordinations, and correspondence with different vendors and venues, which allows them to find the best ones to suit your style and value. Yours is only to select that style and simply let them design all the features of your wedding, according to your wishes and budget.

Wedding Plans and Timetables

Wherever you plan your own wedding or having someone to help you with, it would be much, much easier if you have thought it through. This means sitting, with a piece of paper and a pen or keyboard and digital document in front of you, and writing down the ideas, time limit, guests, accommodations, vendors… and the expected costs of all.

It will be great to have some of the wedding planners or to make one of your own. There are even great, personal, online wedding planning apps, that you can download for free. They even have an option to bring the whole team of friends, bridesmaids, and family together and to follow the process by tipping off the checklists. Whatever the planning option you choose, make sure to always stay true to timetables of all the things that need to be done and always monitor whether you are keeping up with the deadlines.

Resting and Meditating

Finally, don’t forget about yourself. As stressful as it can be, wedding planning can have (and will) leave an impact on your free time, the time you spend with your significant other, and your communication. It is a rough and briery business and you need to remember the reason for this endeavor – being to plan the biggest and most beautiful day of your lives.

Therefore, for your and your spouse-to-be sake, you need to take a break now and then, relax by going to a massage or spa, have quality time together by having romantic dinners, or just spending time home, watching movies, and drinking wine. This time should be wedding-free, without talking about it or even mentioning it.

It might even give you fresh ideas, new angles to look upon, or something to cut out.

Nobody said planning a wedding is easy, despite the planners and professional organizers. It is until the very last minute, stressful and spent in guessing if everything will turn out as you planned it. But, have a deep breath in, remember that you should enjoy it, and all the best in making it happen!


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