What to Pack for Your Comfortable & Safe Travel During Pregnancy


If you find that you need to travel while pregnant consult with your obstetrician before boarding that plane or that ship. It is important that you talk to your health care provider so you can be advised if a trip is safe for someone in your condition.  If you are going to a cruise line make sure there is a medical provider on board in case an emergency arises. If you think that everything is safe enough make sure to get your doctor approved meds and dress comfortably. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the trip! Bon Voyage!

Stick with Safe Foods During Your Trip

The last thing you want while pregnant and on a trip is to get sick with diarrhea. To totally avoid this, make safe food choices and adopt healthy habits. Drink lots of bottled water to keep you hydrated and aid in your digestion. Make sure that all the milk you consume is pasteurized to avoid an upset stomach. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables and drink canned juices as an alternative. Make certain that all the meat and fish you will be consuming is thoroughly cooked. It’s better to be on the safe side to avoid complications and unnecessary trouble during the trip.

Dress comfortably

You don’t want clothing that is scratchy and abrasive to the skin. Wear clothing that is kind to your skin, made of cotton material, comfortable and loose enough. Don’t wear tight clothing that keeps you from breathing properly and materials that irritate the skin. If it is hot you can carry along clothes made of moisture-wicking material so it doesn’t collect sweat. Never wear heeled shoes when pregnant since these types of footwear can cause you to have accidents. Stick to flat shoes for women that are breathable and super comfy to wear. The type of clothing and footwear you carry along determines the amount of fun you’ll have in your trip so keep it simple and functional.

Take your favorite pillow

When you are pregnant you may feel the need to take a nap a lot. Taking your favorite pillow with you encourages you to fall asleep that much faster. An ergonomic pillow is even much better because it helps you sleep in an anatomically correct sleeping position minimizing backaches and neck pains. Be sure to bring your favorite pillow with you and get sufficient rest in any opportunity. Pregnant women need lots of rest.

Stretch and Rest Stops

When you’re pregnant your hormones are off kilter and maybe going zonkers. You need to take advantage of rest stops so you can do your thing for a comfortable journey for the rest of the way. Traveling forces your body in a static position so when there’s a stopover make sure to stand up and stretch those muscles to avoid fatigue and joint aches. Moving keeps your blood flowing so you will be feeling energized and invigorated after a stretch.

Carry snack foods with you

When you are traveling it is not certain that your point of destination will carry your favorite snack foods or the foods that have proven to be healthy for you. Make sure you pack just enough so if you ever feel the need to snack just unzip a bag and snack away. Remember you are now eating for two.

Have a Copy of Your Prenatal Records

it is essential to carry a copy of your records in case the need arises. Having your records on hand will help a physician assess how to treat you in case of an emergency. Health care providers will get an idea of the right medications and procedures to administer for your specific condition.

Being pregnant is a blessing and it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying traveling. Keep it safe by sticking to some safety precautions that will keep you comfortable and worry-free in your trip.



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