What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse


Sometimes we are forced to take our loved ones to nursing homes to get special treatment and care. Unfortunately, things turn worse when loved ones get abused in these nursing homes. Since these abuses come in many forms, it may be challenging to understand if someone is being abused unless you check on the signs. Such signs include physical or emotional changes, and sometimes it’s characterized by the sick wanting to get a transfer out of the nursing home. 

It’s essential to look for abuse signs actively

Due to the rising nursing home abuse cases, it’s essential to be actively checking if your loved one is getting abused. There are many signs to check for, which we will discuss later in this article. The family members, residents, community members, and even nursing home staff must be out looking if any of their patients have signs of abuse, neglect, or going through some forms of depression. Everyone in the community must be on the frontline with the right knowledge to check if everything is right and know signs of abnormalities.

What happens when you suspect nursing home abuse?

Your loved one deserves care and love when in a nursing home. Anything in contrast to this is abuse. Suppose you observe any abnormal behavior, both physically and emotionally, which might be caused by abuse. In that case, it’s essential to call 911 emergency to get your loved one out of the nursing home and find a lawyer to open charges for the abuser. According to home abuse lawyers from https://www.hwnninjurylaw.com/nursing-home-abuse/, the attorneys will help you find the evidence of abuse, get witnesses and help you file a case demanding the nursing home be fined or get compensation for the abuse of your loved one. According to the lawyers, every nursing home must take special care of anyone they admit to their premises. It is also essential to provide your lawyer with all the required documentation and give them the necessary support.

Types of abuse signs

There are five types of abuse signs you will need to check to ascertain your loved one is going through nursing home abuse. The signs can be one type or all, depending on the condition of the abused. Here are the classifications.

Physical abuse signs

 These are the most reported nursing home abuses and are easy to notice because you can see tangible results. The physical injuries vary from one person to another. They include broken or fractured bones, bruises, welts and scrapes, broken items, sunglasses and physical isolation, and wanting to go home. Your loved one may also start becoming startled and even scared of things they used to accommodate before, including noises and movements.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuses occur but not easily noticeable, and your loved one might be suffering without your knowledge. These abuses are mostly chronic and make your loved one undergo psychological, emotional, and physical torture. Some of these signs include behavior changes, scary or fearful acts, and repetitive behaviors that never happened. The loved one might also stop taking their medicine and might demand changing the nursing home.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in a nursing home might be difficult to notice unless you do a thorough investigation. Its signs might include bruises on private parts, venereal diseases and infections, vaginal or anal bleeding, torn or stained underwear, angry outbursts, self-isolation, and social withdrawal.

Financial Abuse

How much should you pay for the upkeep of your loved one? Is the pay justified? Are the expenses real? Sometimes, your loved ones might be manipulated financially by the nursing home. Signs for this include unexplained expenditures, signing up for unworthy paid programs, donations to unregistered charities, unforeseen expenses, and missing credit cards, checkbooks, and other financial documents. The nursing home might also start being secretive about its financial affairs, which must be investigated.

Neglect signs

When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you expect the utmost care from the caretakers. Contrary to this will be neglect abuse. Its signs include poor appearance and uncleanliness, bedsores, unexplained weight loss, dehydration, soiled garments, frequent hygiene-related infections, dirty, smelly rooms, lack of compassion to caretakers, and much more.

The worst inhumane thing you will expect to happen to your loved one in nursing homes is getting abused. It brings in physical and emotional torture that may worsen the condition of the affected. You should try as much to check on the signs explained above for any abuse since your loved one may not tell you. Once found, you should get an abuse lawyer and open charges for the nursing home to protect your loved one and other patients going through the same ordeal.


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