What You Need to Know Before Moving Out of a Rented Apartment


So the time has finally come for you to pack your things and move out of your rented apartment. It can be a bittersweet moment because, at last, your lease is up and you are about to hit the open world again in search of new opportunities. It can be that you already have a new place lined up, or you are moving overseas or even bought a new house. Whatever it is, it’s a big occasion.

With all of the stress and craziness of moving out, there are bound to be things you forget to do. That’s okay because you are busy packing everything up and making arrangements. Here are some things to remember for when you move out so you can make it a smooth transition.

1. Have the Apartment Clean

Sometimes your landlord will worry about this and clean it once you leave so that they can do showings after you are out, but sometimes it is good to do a cleaning job yourself, just to be safe. You can do some minor cleaning of anything simple like the bathroom or counters and cupboards, but for serious issues, the pros at royal-cleaning.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-chelsea would recommend a deep clean. The end of your lease could mean some unexpected messes that you didn’t notice, so it helps to have a quick professional clean come in.

2. Repair Any Damages

Any damages you leave behind could end up costing you. You want to repair anything that could be noticed by your landlord. This could be holes in drywall or plaster from nailing or screwing in holders for frames or shelves, or it could be fixing paint damages. You don’t have to worry about most minor imperfections as many landlords understand that wear and tear happen and they will fix it, but anything that is hard to miss should probably be fixed up a bit on your behalf. You don’t want a bad reference for something like this.

3. Cancel Utilities

You need to cancel your utilities as well so you don’t end up getting billed for services you aren’t using. These utilities are usually heating, water, electricity, and internet. You can cancel these services ahead of time by scheduling a time to finish your contract with them around when your lease is up. It also should be added that you need to cancel anything like renter’s insurance or at least change the policy for your move so you aren’t paying for an old place in any kind of way.

4. Clear Out Any Food

This part of cleaning needs its own mention because many people forget about old food left in the deep recesses of the cupboard or fridge. Leaving any kind of food behind is just plain nasty, so you have to get rid of it before you go. Food leftover in the fridge and cupboard can stink up the place for the next tenants and you can bet your landlord will let you hear it over some old and moldy fruits found in the bottom fridge crisper drawer.

5. Change Your Mailing Address

One of the most annoying things about moving out from an old place is never getting your mail because you forgot to change the mailing address on accounts. The new tenants aren’t likely going to save your mail and will end up tossing it, no matter how important it is. You want to change all the addresses for important stuff like credit cards, bank accounts, revenue agencies, and anything with highly sensitive information first, then worry about stuff like subscriptions for magazines and assorted mail.

6. Take Pictures of the Unit

The last thing you want to do is take some pictures of the place so you have evidence of what condition it was left in. This is just in case you have a shifty landlord who might try to catch you in a bind and claim you left the unit in disrepair, even if you did all of the steps to clean and repair it to the best of your skill. It is unfortunate that some landlords will do this, but it is important to cover your own tracks just in case this situation arises.

When you do all of the things listed here, you can feel safe and secure knowing you did your best to leave your lease in a good manner. All of these tips will help you from the first time you move out of a rented apartment, to the last time.


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