Best Breastfeeding Covers For Nursing Moms


Breastfeeding moms go through lots of sacrifices. Engorged nipples, pumping pain, and nursing discomfort– to name a few. Not to mention the sleepless nights, canceled dates with friends, and missed lunch breaks at work just to pump some more. Well, here’s another one – having to breastfeed in public. And truly, it’s never comfortable. But as a mom, it’s sometimes you have to do.

Gladly, you don’t have to rush to the public CR to nurse your hungry baby (which is totally not a good idea). With a good-quality breastfeeding cover, you can nurse practically anywhere and everywhere with ease and comfort – a perfect solution for a super mom like you!

Top 10 Breastfeeding Covers of 2018 Reviewed

But not every breastfeeding cover is created equal. Check out the best breastfeeding covers on the market today. Surely, you will be able to find the right one for you.

1. Kyapoo Nursing Breastfeeding CoverKyapoo Nursing Breastfeeding Cover

The Kyapoo Nursing Breastfeeding Cover is made from 100% breathable fabric for total comfort. It has an adjustable neck strap for breastfeeding convenience, and open neckline so you get to maintain eye contact with your baby. This cover comes with its own pouch too.

2. YOFIT Breastfeeding Cover Nursing Cover

YOFIT Breastfeeding Cover Nursing Cover

Made from 100% cotton fabric to prevent overheating, the YOFIT Breastfeeding Cover also features a rigid neckline so you can keep an eye on your baby while still maintaining privacy.

3. PPOGOO Nursing Cover

PPOGOO Nursing Cover

The modern, high-quality fabric used in the PPOGOO Nursing Cover makes a cozy and secured environment for your baby, protecting her from insects, bugs, wind, and sunlight. What’s more, you can use it as a cover for your shopping canopy cart, baby car seat, or stroller.

4. UHINOOS Lightweight Breathable Nursing Cover

UHINOOS Lightweight Breathable Nursing Cover

This breastfeeding cover is made from lightweight, breathable material that’s gentle on your baby’s skin and doesn’t feel warm even during the summer season. The UHINOOS Nursing Cover is big enough to give you full coverage but small enough to fold and put in your bag.

5. Kyapoo Multi-Use Flexible Nursing Cover

Kyapoo Baby Nursing Breastfeeding Cover

The Kyapoo Multi-Use Flexible Nursing Cover can be used in 10 different ways – halter top, poncho, blouse, baby blanket, shawl, car seat cover, baby carrier cover, and more. The cloth is made from a combination of lightweight cotton and breathable cotton fabrics.

6. QUNQI STAR Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

QUNQI STAR Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

This cover features two adjustable straps that make it comfortable to wear and set free your hands. The QUNQI STAR Breast Feeding Cover also has a bendable area so you can see under and check on your baby.

7. Hooter Hiders Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

Hooter Hiders Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

The Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover features a patented neckline for proper ventilation and maintaining eye contact. It’s made from flexible fabric that maintains its bowed shape. It also has two small pockets inside that are great for storing little essentials like pacifiers and breast pads.

8. Fashion Cotton Shawl, Nursing Cover

Fashion Cotton Shawl, Nursing Cover

Here’s a great pick for the stylish mom. The Fashion Cotton Shawl Nursing Cover provides 360° coverage and is made from stretchable soft material. You can wear it with one hand outside the cover or both hands inside. This multi-purpose nursing cover not only keeps your baby from mosquitoes and insects but also makes a chick fashionable accessory in a form of a shawl.

9. Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover 

Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover

A unique feature of this award-winning nursing cover is an extra-large burp cloth that is sewn into the cover. This allows you to easily transition your baby from feeding to burping in just a matter of seconds. The Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover comes with a pouch which you can use not only as a storage for the cover but also for some diapers and nursing pads.

10. TILLYOU Nursing Cover

TILLYOU Nursing Cover

TILLYOU Nursing Cover features a structured reinforced neckline so you are free to bond with your baby as you nurse her under the cover. It has a stylish plastic buckle for adjusting the neckline, plus a convenient stylish pocket for some nursing stuff like pads and pacifiers. This nursing cover can serve as a carriage cover too.

How To Choose A Breastfeeding Cover

Nursing covers have truly taken out the hassle from breastfeeding a baby in public. But with so many options available today, it can be daunting to choose the right one for you. Check out these tips to get started.

Check for versatility

Like any mom out there, you want something that adds value to the product you’re buying. There are nursing covers that provide additional features like pockets for storing pacifiers, diapers and breast pads, and can serve as stroller or carriage cover, shawl, and much more. Check if these features are helpful for your lifestyle.


Generally, there are three types of covers: apron-like, shawl, and poncho style. It really depends on your breastfeeding style and needs.

If your primary concern is modesty, poncho nursing covers are best for you. However, ponchos don’t have rigid necklines so it can be difficult to see your baby.

Nursing shawls are a good option for fashionable moms. They come in fairly neutral patterns so matching them with your daily outfits is a breeze. If you are pumping, however, it can be difficult with a nursing shawl.

The third type is the apron-like cover. This one makes pumping and breastfeeding both easy. It’s easier to put on and has rigid neckline so you can see your baby clearly. However, it’s also easy for the baby to pull off.


Breastfeeding covers made from 100% breathable material are the best because they prevent overheating. This gives you and your baby maximum comfort. Check if the cover your purchasing is machine-washable. If you don’t have the luxury of time to hand-wash, it’s a great option.


While the design is less important, you still shouldn’t ignore it. Consider covers with patterns that are less gaudy-looking. Neutral colors with fine, simpler patterns will surely make a great pair to most of your everyday outfits.

Nursing covers are indeed a life-saver. The offer privacy, comfort, and style that every mom deserves. And since they come in various kinds and features, there’s always a nursing cover that will perfectly match your needs and definitely – your taste.