Best Pregnancy Books – A Guide Through Pregnancy


As an expectant mom, you are now entering a different chapter in your life which can be both exciting and worrying at the same time. It feels exciting because you’re about to receive the greatest gift you’ve ever had; but it’s a bit terrifying because, at this point, you don’t know exactly what to do. Are you taking care of your health the right way? Are you eating the right food to support the growth of the little one inside your womb? Are you supposed to feel those weird feelings? Are you on the right track?

You have a lot of questions. Fortunately, there’s a really good book out there that could have all the answers for you. We know the best books to read if you are pregnant.

Top 10 Pregnancy Books to Read in 2018 Reviewed

When it comes to pregnancy books, there is a lot to choose from. Selecting, therefore, can be a very stressful process. If you’re in search of the best pregnancy books, you’ve come to the right place.The following are the top 10 pregnancy books of 2018. Check them out as they may have the answers to all your questions and more helpful resources for a safe, healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

1. Praying Through Your Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide

Praying Through Your Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide

This award-winning Christian book on pregnancy takes you to a fresh spiritual insight as it reveals what is happening to your baby week on week from the moment of conception. Here, you get to learn how your faith in God affects the development of your baby, and how you can deal with anxiety and stress by depending on Him.

2. The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

The Belly Book allows you to creatively keep track of your pregnancy. There, you can write about how you’re feeling day by day – your food cravings, morning sickness feels, etc. There’s even a portion where you can post your belly photos and ultrasound images.

3. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re looking for an accurate, reliable source of facts and information about pregnancy, the Mayo Clinic Guide is something you should check out. It provides a comprehensive week-by-week update on your child development, symptoms guide, review of important pregnancy decisions, and a 40-week pregnancy calendar.

4. What to Do When You’re Having Two        

What to Do When You're Having Two

Finding out that you are having a twin is truly a double surprise. But it can be double anxiety, stress, and work too. What to Do When You’re Having Two is a great guide for parents that make it all less challenging. From creating a birth plan checklist to managing double-duty breastfeeding and building one-on-one relationships with each child, this book brings double of happiness and delight to moms-to-be.

5. Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

Essential oils are scientifically proven to have amazing health benefits, especially for pregnant women. If you like to learn how to use essential oils for a safe and healthier pregnancy, this is a great book to read. It’s a reference guide to educate, empower and inspire pregnant women, as well as the people assisting them, such as midwives and doulas.

6. A Child Is Born

A Child Is Born

The book A Child is Born features the drama of life before birth. The new edition of this beloved international classic is now entirely in color, with new, never-been-seen-before photos in each chapter. The photographs are accompanied by texts written by doctors, explaining the prenatal development and providing advice on pregnancy.

7. Debunking the Bump: A Mathematician Mom Explodes Myths About Pregnancy

Debunking the Bump: A Mathematician Mom Explodes Myths About Pregnancy

Through in-depth research which took years, Daphne Adler, writer, and mathematician, gives new insights regarding the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Her book is great for women who are on a quest for facts. This book is filled with practical recommendations and clear explanations of risks and trade-offs that allow expectant moms like you to make smart choices.

8. Pregnancy Day by Day, 3rd Edition

Pregnancy Day by Day, 3rd Edition

Written by a team of experts, “Pregnancy Day by Day” is a comprehensive guide that covers each day of pregnancy, including labor and birth, to the life with a new baby. It makes a great resource for first-time moms.

9. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Hardcover)

What to Expect When You're Expecting (Hardcover)

This very popular book, which has been read by 93% of moms who have read pregnancy books, takes a warm, humorous and empathetic approach to guiding mothers-to-be. It gives a detailed answer to every conceivable question. With the revised edition of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, more updates are added such as updates on Zika virus, medications safety during pregnancy, and prenatal screening.

10. Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing (9th Edition)

Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing (9th Edition)

It pays to learn as much as you can about proper nursing before you give birth. The Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Book gives up-to-date, accurate facts and detailed guide about pregnancy, labor, birth, the newborn period, and postpartum care.

What Pregnancy Book To Read

Each book on pregnancy offers something unique for the readers. It greatly depends on the information you’d like to know and your very own set of inquiries about pregnancy which you want answers to. Check out this buying guide to streamline the process of finding a great read for pregnancy.


There are so much to learn about pregnancy and no single book covers it all completely. It is important that you identify what types of information about pregnancy you’re interested knowing. For instance, if you want to understand what happens inside your body as you begin to conceive, look for books that provide accurate, scientific details about prenatal health. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in what you should and shouldn’t do, limit your search to books that specifically cover this topic.


Everyone can write. But not everyone can write a good book. Ideally, you should look for the book that has been written by an authority – someone with credible background about the subject, such as doctors, scientists or researchers, and pregnancy experts. If you’re interested in learning about natural childbirth, you may want to choose a book written by a pregnancy coach or doula. You also need to check who the publisher is.


Some books on pregnancy have been revised or rewritten to include the newest updates and more comprehensive details. Make sure you are buying the latest copy/edition of the book. The more editions the book has, the better. This means that the information presented has been regularly updated and revised.

How it’s written

To be sure that you don’t get bored, look for a book that has a friendly tone and a little more interactive or personal. This keeps your interest going until the very last page.

Knowing that you’re now about to become a mom feels like heaven. But it does have ups and downs too. Overcoming the challenges of pregnancy can be easier with a well-researched, helpful book on your side. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the best pregnancy book to read this year.