Best Baby Thermometers That Give The Most Accurate Readings


When you have a baby, having a thermometer at home is not an option. IT’S A MUST. Most babies get sick during their first year and the worst part is – they don’t have a way of telling you how they feel. You will never know for sure if your poor baby has a fever and if yes, how high it is. A handy tool that allows you to accurately read your baby’s temperature is therefore necessary.

Top 11 Baby Thermometers of 2018 Reviewed

Baby thermometers vary and if you’re a first-time mom, you might feel overwhelmed to know that you have so many options. To streamline your search, check out the following thermometers which are considered the best in their class by thousands of moms all over the world.

1. HaloVa Baby Electronic Thermometer

HaloVa Baby Electronic Thermometer

The HaloVa Baby Thermometer features a non-contact design that allows you to take an accurate reading without bothering your baby. This infrared thermometer displays big clear numbers for easy reading (both in Fahrenheit and Celsius) even at night.

2. Forehead Baby Thermometer

Forehead Baby Thermometer

This baby thermometer also features a non-contact mechanism, accurately reading temperature within 2-inch distance. It reads in under 5 seconds and has the ability to recall the latest 32 measured data. This multipurpose thermometer can be used to read temperatures of milk, food, and other objects.

3. Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

Giving you an accurate reading in one second, this Non-Contact infrared Digital Thermometer features an LCD display and fever alert. It also has the power to detect both body and object temperatures.

4. Unioncare Thermometer

Unioncare Thermometer

The Unioncare Thermometer has three measuring modes – ear, forehead, and object. It also has a memory feature, which allows you to keep track of the last 20 measurements. Another interesting feature is the red backlight display with 10 short beeps if your baby has a fever.

5. iMediCare Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

iMediCare Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

Featuring both ear and forehead thermometer functions, iMediCare uses an advanced calibration technology. It comes with fever alert, two-button operation, and memory features.

6. PrSung Baby Ear Thermometer

PrSung Baby Ear Thermometer

Switchable from Fahrenheit to Celsius measurements, the PrSung Baby Thermometer can detect temperature from the head and ear. It changes in color and makes 10 short beeps as a warning when the temp is higher than 99.6 F.

7. Baby Forehead Thermometer

Baby Forehead Thermometer

This one features advanced infrared temperature sensor and high sensitivity for accurate and consistent readouts in seconds. Can be used for infants, adults and even objects, this FDA-approved thermometer has a backlit LCD screen which makes it easy to read.

8. Ankovo Digital Medical Infrared

Ankovo Digital Medical Infrared

Safe and hygienic, the Ankovo Digital Infrared Thermometer is suitable for all ages. With just two buttons, this thermometer is so easy to use. It can keep track of 20 previous readings as well.

9. iProven Baby Forehead/Ear Thermometer

iProven Baby Forehead/Ear Thermometer

Clinically calibrated for medical use, the iProven Baby Thermometer is not only easy to use, it also delivers quick temperature readings. It makes a loud beep to notify you once it finishes taking your baby’s temperature.

10. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for Baby

Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for Baby

Takes accurate temperature readings in one second, the Kinsa Digital Thermometer is great for fussy babies and adults. It also allows you to keep track of your baby’s fever through a smartphone app that also gives real-time, personalized guidance for your child’s speedy recovery.

11. Zerhunt Medical Infrared Temporal Fever

Zerhunt Medical Infrared Temporal Fever

Featuring an advanced infrared sensor technology and premium-quality probe, Zerhunt Medical-Grade Infrared Thermometer is suitable for infants, toddlers, kids, and adults. Its features include memory recall, fever alert, and three detection modes.

How to Choose A Baby Thermometer

Whatever type of thermometer you choose, it should be easy to use and comfortable for your child. Check out the following guidelines when buying a thermometer for your baby.

Accuracy and Response Time

Most thermometers are able to provide an accurate reading within 10-80 seconds, depending on the model. Newer models, such as infrared thermometers take just 1 to 3 seconds. It really depends on your preference, but sometimes, you will appreciate the versions with quick response times especially when you have a fussy baby who doesn’t want anything, not even a thermometer, to bother him.


You want a thermometer that gives accurate readings every single time. Inconsistent readouts may cause you to misdiagnose your baby and can lead to an unnecessary visit to the doctor, which is both expensive and stressful!


Some thermometers have soft or curved tips for ease of use and comfort. However, most soft-tip thermometers don’t work when used rectally so read the packaging carefully. Thermometers with backlit display and bigger digits would make it easier for you to read temperatures at night or in low light. If you’re taking a rectal temperature, a line or mark to show the end of insertion is a very important feature to prevent injury.

Some versions have fever alert features such as a special beep or a change in the display color when the temperature has exceeded 99.5 degrees F. Others have an ability to record the last temperature taken which is important in tracking the fever of your baby. Some also feature auto shutdown to preserve battery life. You need not have all these features. It always depends on what works for your lifestyle and suits your needs.


Some thermometers may come with protective case covers and other accessories that could pose a choking hazard. If the model you’re buying includes small parts, keep them out of your child’s reach. Also, any thermometer that comes in contact with your baby will need to be sanitized so choosing the model which is easy to clean is a great idea.

To sum up, the best thermometers for babies do more than just read temperatures. They are also equipped with helpful features that make it easy for you to keep track of your baby’s condition, alert you when he’s not getting better, and give you accurate and consistent readings every single time.