6 Secrets to Build a Highly Happy Marriage


People spend so much time planning their weddings and not nearly as much time preparing for life after the nuptials. So when the time comes to build a life with their spouses, things don’t go as smoothly as planned. And unions meant to be sources of ultimate happiness become dreary, or worse – nightmarish.

But even with the best plans, things may still go wrong. Whether we wed our childhood sweethearts or Ukrainian brides we met online, we may still face marital crises. That is due to the unpredictability of life and circumstances married couples often face. This article contains a rundown of six secrets to give couples an edge in the pursuit of the elusive marital happiness they seek:

Embrace Your Diversity

No marriage is without conflicts. The fact that you will spend the rest of your life together with someone who was once a stranger is enough to validate occasional arguments. No man can find brides without having contrasting opinions about some topics during courtship.

To invite happiness into your home, use your differences to your advantage. See yourself as an independent individual and your spouse as an extension of yourself. Understand that your partner is in your life to compliment you but not complete you. When you learn to appreciate your differences, there will be fewer conflicts in your marriage.

Don’t Compare Your Marriage With Others

After being married for a while, you may start comparing your marriage to that of friends, family or strangers. This temptation is familiar to couples that have been together for many years. Often, one or both partners may start to feel like their marriage could be better. They may notice how their newly-wedded neighbors always seem to get along and want that for themselves.

As noble as it is to desire a better marriage, using other marriages as standards for comparison is destructive. Remember that people only show the best sides of their lives to the public. At best, comparisons will put you in a perpetual mental pursuit, chasing smokes and shadows. At worst, it can breed jealousy, the desire for someone else’s spouse and contempt for yours. Instead of wanting your spouse to be like someone else, teach them how to love you.

Encourage Open Communication

The worst fights in marriages are the ones that stem from pent-up resentment and anger. When one partner sits in silence as conflicts fester, they build resentments in their minds. Over time, they can become frustrated and lash destructively, leaving their partner confused. If left to continue, this habit can bring down entire marriages.

Communication is the bedrock of romantic relationships, so in marriage listen to your spouse and share ideas with them. When you find a wife online, you may need to put in extra work to communicate with her if you don’t speak the same language. In such cases, encourage your mail order bride to share her feelings often. Understanding your spouse’s verbal and non-verbal communication can determine how long you will stay happily married.

Feed the Romance

One aspect of marriages that dies off quicker than people expect is romance. Many couples complain that their kids’ arrival forced their romantic lives to take a back seat. While it isn’t easy to juggle catering for children with rehashing the romance of your youth, it’s possible.

You can start feeding the romance in your marriage by doing the little things. Try relieving passionate moments with your spouse, having a flower sent to them or sexting. These actions will keep the embers of romance lit until you gradually rekindle the flame. Finally, normalize taking the children to their grandparents so you can have some alone time together.

Remind Yourself That Your Partner is Attractive

When you’ve had to wake up to the same face for years or decades, things can get a little, uhm, monotonous. According to a study, one of the primary reasons people cheat on their partners is the need for variety which was lacking in their relationship. But the truth is that you can consciously decide that your spouse is attractive.

Deciding to believe that your partner is hot is a practice that experts recommend to couples who are beginning to lose the sexual attraction they had for them. Focus on the parts of your partner that you like the most. If their smile endeared you to them at the start of the relationship, try to get them to smile more often so you can fall in love with them all over again.

Remember to Have Fun

Even for couples that met on a wife for sale platforms, marriage isn’t a cage. Unless you were forced into marrying your spouse, you should expect to have a good laugh with them regularly.  To truly be happy, you will have to create fun-loving times and activities to engage in with your spouse. Life is fleeting, and happiness is in the journey and destination. So, prank your spouse now and again, make them laugh, act like a little kid and make your home fun.

To Wrap Up

As often as divorce cases spring up, many more marriages stand the test of time. Couples find new ways to rekindle their love and make the best out of their most important decision. If you are looking for happiness in your marriage, these six secrets will get you off to a solid start.


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