7 Most Common Risk Factors For Divorce


Couples who failed at their marriage think divorce is the best way to end an unhealthy relationship. Some might perceive it as an awful way to end a relationship, especially if children are involved. But for some, it could also mean a fresh start.

The divorce rate in Orange County is relatively high. Every day, there’s an average of 33 people in Orange County who commence the divorce process. This is indisputable proof that couples in the said county consider divorce as a convenient resolution to their marital woes. Divorce cases keep on escalating as years pass by.

Whether or not you or someone you know is processing a divorce right now, it’s still important to understand its nature and the top seven risk factors that can lead to it.

Irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences could be in the form of conflicting values or interests. It is one of the biggest factors leading to divorce, and it is a common reason for filing divorce cases in California. When partners experience significant differences in their marriage, it would be tough for everything to fall in place just to make the marriage work. 

However, before it leads to divorce, it’s best for the couple to go through a series of reconciliations, counseling, and mediation. If none of these work, irreconcilable differences could be cited as a ground for divorce.

Early marriage

Lawyers see immaturity as one of the leading causes of divorce. Young partners tend to marry without considering if they are financially, mentally, and emotionally prepared. Consequently, as they grow older, they encounter various challenges they are not prepared for. One main reason here is the difference in their goals and dreams as they mature. These can strain their marriage, cause misunderstanding, and eventually lead to divoirce. 

Age difference

Couples who are closer in age have a lesser chance of divorcing. One chief reason is that partners shared almost the same background and experiences. This could strengthen their marriage. Couples with an age difference of nine years could be a candidate for divorce. Although this is not the general rule, their wide age gap could cause their priorities and values to differ.


Children can also be a risk factor in divorce. The stress could emanate from the couple’s parenting styles, health conditions, and other conflicting factors surrounding child care. The more children are involved, the harder it would be for the couples. However, if you think that couples with no children are safe, you are wrong. Having no children can also pose a higher chance of getting divorced, most especially if it’s not the will of both parties. 


Socioeconomic status is also a factor in marital bliss. A couple who experiences severe financial challenges has a greater chance of ending a marriage in a divorce. However, it does not mean that those couples with high incomes wouldn’t divorce. They are also susceptible to divorcing but with a lesser chance. It’s just that the more financially challenged you are, the harder it will be to handle the cost of living, which could ignite frequent disagreements and clashes.

Religious beliefs

Religious beliefs can either be a strength or weakness of a marriage. It depends on how the couples will deal with it. If you share the same religious activities and beliefs, there would be less conflict. However, if you are not on the same page in terms of faith, it could mean a higher chance of experiencing conflict and ending in divorce. 


Education plays an essential role in a marriage. First, the employment status could also boil down to socioeconomic status. If the couples are both employed with decent-paying jobs, there would be less conflict and lesser problems to talk about. Thus, saving their relationship from possible disagreements. 

Second, education helps the couples become more patient and understanding during disagreements and arguments. Those couples who fail to negotiate and think through their problems wisely during arguments have a higher chance of ending up with a divorce.

Seek the help of a lawyer

When you feel like filing for divorce any time now or if you know someone who wants to start a divorce, the first thing to do is get a lawyer. Divorce is not a straightforward process. Like any other issue, it requires legal support.

The right lawyer can help you settle related issues like child custody or spousal support. Only a lawyer can legally represent you in court.


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