7 Reasons Why Your Kid Should be Playing Dungeons & Dragons


Making sure that your kids get a well-rounded childhood is essential. Balancing play and study can be hard at any age. Teaching kids right from wrong can be difficult, but by introducing rules and boundaries through games you can win and you can raise kids that are strong and well-rounded. Screentime for your children can be a positive thing, it doesn’t always need to be seen as a negative influence, or even a hindrance. As well as screen time, traditional board games can have a positive impact on how your children play, act and think.

Introducing your children to games such as dungeons and dragons is a positive step to make. Whether your children play on their own, with other children, or with friends and family you will notice an improvement in various areas of their life, including their attention levels and focus levels. When your kids learn through please it makes it easier for them to adapt to new surroundings and situations.

Benefits Of Playing Dungeons And Dragons

Some benefits come from playing dungeons and dragons and these benefits are often plentiful. If your kids can read, and they enjoy reading stories set in fantasy worlds or realities then they will love playing dungeons and dragons. Within the game, they can embrace every story and every piece of gameplay.

Reading And Math Skills

Improving your kids’ math and reading skills is made easier when they play. In every scene and every story, they have to read what is going on and they have to weigh up their options. Gameplay and stories unfolding can help kids of all ages practice their arithmetic skills and speed. As such, DnD can help improve your kids reading skills as they will have to read the rules to play the game correctly, and they will also have to read the scenes and stories that unfold within the quests. Dungeons and dragons will introduce your kids to new words, new vocabulary and it will help advance their reading skills as the game requires them to follow scenes and stories.

Teamwork And Turn-Taking

It can be difficult teaching children about the value and importance of teamwork and it can be even more difficult teaching them to take turns, and to wait for their turn. In playing dungeons and dragons kids are encouraged to partake in teamwork, simply because teams can work together well to solve quests. Turn-taking is also super important because kids learn they cannot and should not try to do everything on their own. When kids learn to take their turn in dungeons and dragons they learn to follow the rules and ultimately they benefit from working together with others to solve problems and fulfill quests.

Empathy And Perspective

Teaching your kids to see what others see and to be empathetic to others is difficult, but it is very necessary. Your kids will suffer in social situations and circumstances if they cannot understand and empathize with people and their vast array of emotions. Through playing characters and through teamwork with others both who they know and who they might not, your kids will see how others think, how they act and they feel. Sometimes in the real world, it can be difficult for kids to understand and see other people’s perspectives. When playing dungeons and dragons kids can learn empathy through every story they play or partake in.

Social Skills

Playing Dungeons and Dragons on their own or with friends will allow your kids to hone a wide variety of social skills which will prove useful to them as they grow up and enter adulthood. Some kids can struggle to learn social skills from others, perhaps because they are embarrassed in social scenes or perhaps they are uncomfortable. Whatever their reason or struggle they can learn skills in the comfort of their room and surroundings.

Better Storytellers

Part of growing into an adult involves talking to others and sharing life experiences. To get a point across and to ensure that they are heard both correctly and accurately good language and speaking skills are required. When your kids are playing dungeons and dragons they have the opportunity to enhance their storytelling ability.

Motivation, Determination And Persistence

Life can be difficult, there are lots of challenges for your kids to face and lots of obstacles for them to overcome. It can be difficult in the real world to learn skills and traits that will help them push forwards in life, but when they are playing a game that they love and enjoy they will learn while having fun and they will learn without even noticing it. Your kids need time to be kids of course, but they also need to know that they need to learn determination and persistence if they are to achieve anything. Within dungeons and dragons levels and quests need fulfilling and to do this your kids will need to hone and utilize several skills and traits, one of these is having the determination and persistence to carry on and push forwards no matter what the game (or life) happens to throw your way.

Motivation is something your kids may be lacking, as they get older it can be hard to get them motivated and committed to stick at something – no matter how rewarding it may be. If your kids regularly play dungeons and dragons they will surely get hooked and will be motivated to be the best player and teammate they can possibly be. Motivation to go through the scenes and to complete the quests either on their own or as part of a team will help your kids grow mentally and emotionally.

No matter how old your kids are you will want to do the best you can for them. Encouraging them to play board games and screen-based games that enhance their skills is a good thing. Of course, everything needs to be undertaken in moderation, but with monitoring and involvement, you can ensure that your kids get the most out of any games they play without getting addicted.


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