Dog Breeds That are Perfect for Kids


Kids are naturally drawn to animals. It’s normal for kids to want to interact with pets and other kinds of animals, which is why it’s important for parents to know what dog breeds are good for kids as well as how to make sure their children and pets can get along safely. Having a dog is good for your kids’ mental health because of its ability to lower stress levels and boost immunity, but finding the right breed of dog is also important.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies tend to be good with kids because they are playful and easygoing. They aren’t too big, which makes them easier to play with than dogs that might accidentally knock your kids over while they’re playing. The size of the dog also means that if you’re looking for a lapdog to curl up in your child’s lap when they read or watch TV, then this is a perfect choice.

Yorkies do require grooming, so it’s best to seek advice from someone who already has experience with the breed or a vet. You can also find good resources online, and by looking at you will see that there are even websites dedicated to a specific breed. Make sure to do your research before getting a dog.

Labrador Retrievers

One of the most common breeds that are good for kids is the Labrador retriever. These dogs are very playful and affectionate which makes them great companions for children. This doesn’t mean they’re perfect though; all dogs are different which means not all are good for kids. It’s important to socialize this breed with other children as early as possible to avoid the dog developing anxiety towards them.

Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are good for kids with allergies because they don’t shed. Their size makes them easy to handle, and they are well-known for being gentle. These dogs are full of energy which means they will need a daily walk to keep them occupied, so your child can have a responsibility and learn how to take care of a pet. They are also very intelligent, meaning they can learn tricks easily and follow commands. This breed is very popular right now for both families and people who live alone.


Poodles are great around children, especially if you have a busy household. They’re one of the smartest breeds and can adapt easily to any situation. If you socialize them properly they will love being around other dogs and people.

Poodles can live in apartments, but they need exercise every day to avoid being destructive. Their coats are easy to maintain, so this is a low-maintenance breed overall. Since they are very energetic, they can keep up with an active child.


If you’re looking for a mixed breed, mutts are great because they will likely have the best traits from their ancestors. For example, if your mutt has been bred from a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, they could have an easy-to-maintain coat or be extremely intelligent. They tend to have fewer health problems than other breeds.

Many parents worry about a mutt’s behavior around children, but mutts are usually great with kids as long as they’re treated well from a young age. If your puppy isn’t socialized they might be wary of people or dogs they don’t know, but most can get used to them within time.

Ask your kid

It’s important that you also take into consideration what kind of dog your child wants. They will spend a lot of time with the dog and grow up together, so it’s important that they’re happy with the choice. The decision will affect your family’s happiness as well as the dog’s, so make sure you ask them some questions and find the right breed together.

If you include your kids in decisions such as this one it will make them feel more involved in the process and it will build trust. It is also a bonding experience and they will feel more mature and grown-up.

There are many dog breeds that are perfect for kids and these are just some of them. You should do your research to find the best breed for your household, and include your child in the decision if possible. Most importantly, make sure that you are ready for taking care of a dog before bringing one home. Some kids are responsible enough to take care of a dog, but most aren’t. This means that you will have to teach your kid how to do it. This can be a lovely bonding experience for both you and your kid.



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