Getting An Electric Scooter For Your Kid? Here’s What You Need To Know First


Are you thinking about buying your kids one of those electric scooters you have seen around the neighborhood? Are you wondering if the scooters are expensive or whether they are safe for kids? No matter what questions you have, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about electric scooters. Before buying one for your kid, here are the things you must know first.

Design of the Scooter

If you differentiate between the designs of a kid’s electric scooters and a normal electric scooter, you’ll find that there’s not much difference between them. Except, the kid’s electric scooters are built from the base up, keeping children’s safety in mind. It means that a kid’s electric scooter has features like three-wheeled or seated versions that provide greater stability when children ride the scooter. In addition, the kid’s electric scooters come with multi-color and light-up versions to add personality and style to the mix.

How it Works

Just like any adult electric scooter, the kid’s versions also sort a throttle and braking system. As you push off, you can activate the throttle to engage the motor. It may require a bit of learning, but children pick it up rather fast. The throttle is attached mostly to the handlebar but sometimes it can also be located on the footboard and must be stepped on to be activated. Similarly, the brakes in a kid’s electric scooter can be positioned either on the handlebar or the footboard as a step-on brake. The positioning of the brakes may depend on how powerful the motor is and what kind of brake is most suitable to stop the scooter.

Maximum Load

The average adult weighs around 50-75 kgs, while children weigh around 5-20 kgs on average. A normal electric scooter for adults can carry up to 100 kgs, but an electric scooter for kids does not need to carry that kind of load. The maximum load-carrying capacity of a kid’s electric scooter according to this site is around 50-60 kgs. When buying an electric scooter for your kid, consider their weight along with their height to determine which size is most suitable for them.

Speed Range

Being a parent, you might be skeptical about buying your kid a powerful electric scooter, fearing that they might over-speed or maybe drive off too far away from the neighborhood. But the top e-scooter manufacturers think of these things too. Even the best electric scooter for kids can go at a maximum speed of 16 km/h. And because of the smaller size of batteries fitted in a kid’s electric scooter, the farthest they can go is up to 16 km. Electric scooter for kids is more for fun and entertainment rather than for utility.

Assembly and Storage

Kids’ electric scooters are really easy to assemble out of the box. You simply need to unfold, fit some screws, pump air in the tires, and get going. Be careful to tighten all the bolts properly and to fill the air in tires as per recommended pressure. As simple as they assemble, kids’ electric scooters can be folded, packed, and stored easily. They are compact and do not take much space. You can easily fit these small electric scooters in your garage, shed, or in the trunk of your car if you’re traveling somewhere.


Nowadays, with an increase in competition between electric scooter manufacturers, a wide range of e-scooters are available for kids of all ages and sizes. An electric scooter for beginners can cost as low as $69 and range up to $400 for the most powerful electric scooters in the kid’s segment. It can be an ideal gift for any kid. It is comparatively cheaper than the latest gaming consoles in the market. And having a scooter will push the children to explore the world outside rather than being stuck to a television set or a tablet phone.

Anything that enables our children to have fun outdoors safely and healthily is worth the price to pay.

Now that you know how electric scooters work, their cost, safety features, maximum load capacity, assembly, and storage, you can choose the right one for your kid. Depending on their age, height, and weight, you can decide which model to get. Keep in mind that kids care a lot about the color and style of their scooters, so make sure to get them something that suits their personality and preferences. Think about all these things beforehand to know exactly what you should be looking for before you go shopping for an electric scooter for your kid.


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