Moving House Checklist: What Needs to Be Done Before and After


Moving house is an exercise that is not liked even by the pets of the household, leave alone adults and kids. But the reason why most people find moving tiring and difficult is that they do not plan and execute it perfectly. They become jittery as they do not plan and then find very little time left to do all the things. You can take the stress out of moving if you plan early. Moving can be a breeze and almost painless if you follow our moving house checklist. 

Just keep in mind and follow the checklist before and after moving to have total peace of mind. 

8 Weeks Before the Day of Moving

Do not keep too many things till the last few days on the list to consider when moving out. It is always a good idea to have a checklist and keep ticking boxes so that you have very few things to do on the day of moving. By starting as early as 2 months before the day of moving, you can complete all the tasks on time and you are pretty relaxed on the day you make a move.

  1. Make a budget for the moving exercise
  2. Get estimates from a few moving companies
  3. Finalize the mover and read their terms and conditions before signing a contract
  4. Ask your company for an off day to move without any stress
  5. Finalize the school of your kids in the new place
  6. Organize a garage sale to get rid of all items you don’t want to take to your new home

6 weeks before the day of moving

Plenty of tasks remain to be done but there is no need to worry as there is still a lot of time to go for the actual move. 

  1. Meet friends and relatives 
  2. Ask for free boxes from different sources like restaurants, grocery stores, and neighbors as you will need them in large numbers for packing household items
  3. See videos and read articles for packing hacks and tips 
  4. Make an inventory sheet of all the items to be packed
  5. Label boxes with colored stickers
  6. You should use old sheets and towels for packing loose household items
  7. Get your security deposit back from the landlord
  8. Start packing exercise with little packing on each successive day

4 Weeks Before the Day of Moving 

  1. Donate or gift items that you cannot take to the new place
  2. Gather all important records(medical, financial, and legal) in one place
  3. Notify your insurance company about your move
  4. Collect clothes from the dry cleaner
  5. Get necessary medications for family members and pets for the day of the move
  6. Get vet records in place so that you don’t face a problem in the new place=

2 Weeks Before the Day of Moving

  1. Destroy or dispose of inflammable items
  2. Empty the freezer by using the items
  3. Return if you have borrowed items from neighbors, friends, and relatives
  4. Create backup files in your computer so that you don’t panic if you lose any important information during transit
  5. Collect things from lockers you use at the gym and clubs and cancel your memberships
  6. Inform bank, post office, and credit card companies about your move and give them your new address
  7. Change address to continue receiving social security benefits

The Week When you Are Moving

  1. Cancel and reschedule deliveries you have ordered
  2. Clean the home before leaving
  3. Unplug the refrigerator and other appliances the night before moving
  4. Take out oil and gas from appliances that run on these fuels
  5. Say goodbye to your landlord and neighbors
  6. Pack essential items in a box for use on the day when you arrive at the new place

The Day of Moving

You are in a light and relaxed mood on the day of moving as you have already performed all the important tasks. You have to be there with your movers as they pack all household items. 

  1. Take photos of the empty places to rest assured of having taken out everything that belongs to you. Check all cupboards and drawers one last time to make sure you are not leaving anything important. 
  2. Lock all windows and doors and take a reading of the meter 
  3. Check the garage to make sure you do not leave behind anything valuable
  4. Check your phones, chargers, credit cards, laptop, to make sure you have not left anything behind. 

Once you have arrived in your new home, it is time to unpack and unwind. Take your own pace as you are already tired with all the effort you have put in. Apart from introducing yourself to the neighbors, you have to get gas and electricity supply. You also need the landline and broadband to start working. 


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