Simple Rules for Productive Parenting


Do you sometimes wonder whether your parenting methods are preparing your child for life in the real world? Have you read all the books on how to be a good mom or dad and ended up with the feeling that something’s missing? If so, you are not alone. Many adults who do their best to raise youngsters have a sneaking suspicion that all those scientific techniques and programs in books lack a critical component. Fortunately, reviewing some of the simplest, oldest rules of parenting, most of us can discover that missing link in our approach to helping sons and daughters get the most out of life. 

With few exceptions, the most relevant and powerful strategies have been around for centuries. In nearly every culture and era, the main ingredient of smart parenting is being a good role model. Other critical strategies include knowing when and how to say no, helping with college expenses, and always being available to answer questions children have on any given topic, no matter how sensitive. There are more guidelines than those few, but everything begins with your own behavior in terms of role modeling. Young minds learn by watching rather than direct instruction.

Helping With College

Sending kids to college is a huge step in every parent’s life. The good news is that you don’t need to be wealthy or have a huge savings account to assist with education expenses. That’s because low-rate Private Parent Loans are an ideal way to borrow and use the funds to cover some or all of your child’s school costs. In fact, Earnest parent student loans come with both low rates and reasonable terms. That way, anyone can apply easily and quickly, without all the red tape and strict requirements that come with traditional bank loans. It’s also an excellent way to make sure that your son or daughter doesn’t graduate with a debt burden because you are the borrower, not a cosigner.

Knowing When to Say No

When children are young, it’s easy to say no and dish out the discipline that goes with raising little ones. However, knowing when to deny requests from teens is a much tougher chore. And for times when parenting is extra tough, follow advice to ease the tension that saying no can cause. It’s crucial to be firm about things like curfews, car use, homework, and other essential behaviors that shape the way young people grow during their adolescent years. Avoid falling into the trap of being a pal. Instead, maintain a friendly but firm persona when dealing with potential teenage angst and growing pains.

Having an Open-Door Policy

When it comes to subjects like drug use, bullying, guidelines for acceptable dating, driving, and socializing, moms and dads need to keep an open-door policy. That means letting your kids know that you are always available to talk about anything that’s troubling them. Likewise, be clear that they can come to you to share good news, ask questions about whatever is on their minds, or get your input on ideas they have about careers, lifestyle, faith, or health. Effective parents show kids they are listening and are excellent sounding boards. “Being there” for them means being willing to converse and advise whenever the need arises.


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