Survival Tips for New Dads to Get Through the First Few Weeks


Having a baby is one of the most profound experiences in a man’s life. It’s full of wonderful moments where you’ll bond with your baby, but it’s also distressing at times. But fret not new dads, we’re here to help you out, and taking help or guidance doesn’t make you a bad dad. If anything, it means you’re a father who cares about his baby and wants to learn how to take care of their cute little person. After all, everyone becomes a dad for the first time.

So keep these pointers in mind and soon you’ll be the super dad your baby deserves.

1. Get Used to the Stink

Babies can be awfully stinky and that’s not something for you to worry about. They’re still acclimating to the outside world and the foods they may eat will keep impacting their poop. Sometimes you’ll see yellow and sometimes you’ll see green, it’ll be like a rainbow and it’s perfectly normal. The only time you need to be worried is when you see the color red.

Other than that, changing diapers will be difficult at first as it might initially make you feel a bit nauseous. But as I keep saying again and again, very soon you’ll learn to control your gag reflexes and your diaper changing speed will be fast enough to set a world record.

2. Get Sleep

Yes, that’s right and you need to establish a routine that’ll ensure you, your baby, and your partner gets adequate rest. You need to establish a proper schedule and hope that your baby sticks to it. If your baby has even a loose timetable then you can be prepared about what tasks you need to accomplish at a particular time. The content found at Upside Dad can give you insight into different techniques and products you can use to make this process easier. You also need to be able to adjust to your baby’s schedule which is bound to change frequently. It’s like a dance where you and your baby both play a part.

3. Babies Cry and So Do Their Moms

Most new dads think they’re doing something wrong when they see the baby or mommy break into tears. But don’t be too hard on yourself, mothers are high on hormones after delivering their babies and the baby can only cry to communicate what it needs. Sometimes new moms also suffer from Postpartum Depression which can be distressing for them as well.

You just need to be patient and supportive with both the newborn and the mom. Letting your partner know you’re there for anything they need will greatly reduce their anxiety. Soon you’ll figure out some nifty tricks to control your baby’s tantrums too. It just takes a little practice like everything else in life.

4. Be a Good Dad but Also a Good Partner

Sometimes parents get so involved in taking care of their babies that they forget about their own relationship. You must strike a balance between the two and make sure that you’re still having one on one time with your partner. Go out for a movie or a romantic dinner, this will also help the mom learn how to deal with separation anxiety.

You can always ask for help from the grandparents and relatives who’ll happily agree to take care of your baby for an evening. This will help ease a lot of stress and make you work better as a team. The teamwork and coordination alone will help you take better care of the baby.

5. Bonding Takes Time

Remember, nothing in life happens as miraculously as in the movies. You might feel like you and your baby haven’t bonded yet and that often stresses out new dads. All the dads want is to feel connected to their babies and have a special bond with them. But don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away, it mostly takes a few months for a strong bond to develop. And always remember, the longer it takes the stronger it is.

So stop stressing out about the details and start enjoying these moments that’ll make lifelong memories. You just need to be patient and let things take their course. You can’t do anything to expedite the process, so why worry about it in the first place? Worrying will only lead to stress and anxiety which will do more harm than good. For now, just focus on getting as much sleep as you can and soon you’ll be a pro at this.


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