Take The Street Style Look To The Next Level With This Fashion Guide


Admit it. You might have the trendiest or the most sought-after fashion pieces and still find it hard to put together a good look. You are not alone in this struggle. Even famous fashion icons struggle. Since nobody’s born knowing how to make clothes sing, a little help goes a long way.

We’ve come a long way; it’s been years since the bell-bottomed trousers, afro hairstyles, and not to mention some other gothic styles. There are fashion styles that can in so many ways help to make you look good but the same cannot be said about the rest. It will take a keen eye, research, and a good designer to help you make a decisive decision. Below are ways to take your street style look to the next level.


Just like preparing a meal, a dish without seasoning can taste bland, treat your fashion like food, and you will have people turning back to look at you. Accessorizing works like magic by transforming a dull look into one worth the cover of a fashion magazine. Luckily, accessories come in different forms today. They could be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, belts, or hairpieces. Pick out accessories based on what sparks joy to you, and you will not go wrong. You could make your choices based on what is trending or your statement piece. Steer away from accessories with hidden meaning as they can cause your style to be something you do not stand for. Instead, seek inspiration from celebrities or magazines.

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Incorporate New Bold Elements

Incorporating new elements does not require you to ditch your style altogether. Instead, add new elements that excite you and shift gradually. Elements could be colors or patterns; if you are scared of walking around with a bright-colored green jacket, try adding the color in smaller portions like in socks. Prints can be scary as well, but you will be on the right track of taking your look to the next level if you ease into them. Be open-minded when trying out new elements and understand what works for you and what does not.

Balance Your Look

Ensure that your outfit has a seamless transition. Avoid over-layering, overmatching, or having so many different styles in one outfit. When trying out new elements, you might be tempted to match them to create a look. Do not fall for the trap, as it can water down your style. Instead, ease into a style and avoid overloading on an outfit. Invest in pieces that are more versatile to style than a stylish one that can only be worn once. Do not break the bank trying to be stylish.

Incorporate Comfort In Your Style

Do not assume that comfortable outfits cannot be stylish. For a style to make it to the next level, it has to bring comfort. Ordinary clothes, when paired perfectly and accessorized, have the potential to become outstanding. Comfortable outfits are versatile as they can be worn to almost every occasion. Poorly paired, they can kill your confidence. Find ways to make your comfortable everyday style stand out.

Seek Inspiration

What you see has the potential of inspiring your fashion sense. Diversify your inspiration from magazines, Pinterest boards, or trends. Inspiration will guide you to put together a look that will take you to the next level. If it feels good, it is probably good.

When followed appropriately, this is a fashion guide that could help bring into your life. Better still, you will have taken your street style look to the next level. There’s more that can be done to help with this and as you can see, it will not take much to achieve your best street look. A street look style is not as hard to achieve. You just need to be creative, observant and follow the trends on your social media handles. But be careful as being a copycat will not be as authentic. Be original by following your heart and what makes you glow.


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