The 4 Fashion Trends That Have Taken the Internet by Storm


Whether you follow fashion or not, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive art forms out there. It affects and inspires everyone in some way since, as Blair Waldorf puts it, “Fashion is art, culture, and history combined.” Therefore, choosing your attire, whether planned out or effortless, allows you to express yourself to the world since it often acts as your representative. People are naturally drawn to fashion. It adds to making a great first impression and it is almost impossible to not notice what’s trending right now. With fashion playing such a big role in how we view the world, we decided to share the 4 fashion trends that have taken the world by storm in recent years, and why they continue to stick. 

The One-Piece Swimsuit

It seemed that the two-piece bikini was in the lead when it came to swimwear trends, but according to the internet, the one-piece is making a comeback. Multiple celebrities have been spotted bringing back some Baywatch goodness with a red one-piece swimsuit, and now everybody else is following suit and we can’t blame them. Now you can eat all the donuts you want without having to worry about that “beach body”.

Matching PJs 

If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that couples and families who wear matching pajama sets are absolutely adorable. It’s no wonder this fashion trend never seems to get old. There is something about getting matching pajamas for your family members that makes you all feel closer. It’s also the most comfortable and perfect attire to wear on family game night and you can look back on the pictures and feel a rush of warmth. Just make sure that you pick top-quality pajamas that feel smooth and silky on your loved ones’ skin. 

Tracksuits and Bike Shorts with Overcoats

We can admit that many of us weren’t exactly on board when we first saw models and Instagram influencers sporting this trend. However, it didn’t take long for tracksuits and overcoats to go viral. No one can deny that they would love to throw on a tracksuit and call it a day. Now you can enjoy the utmost comfort without compromising your style. Pairing your sweats with a sassy overcoat and some sneakers is the ultimate comfort look. 

Kim Kardashian was one of the first people to kickstart this trend when she stepped out with bike shorts with no bike in sight. It didn’t take long for people to understand how effortless and comfortable this look really was and how they could throw an overcoat to take the outfit up a notch. Now fashionistas are truly embracing the versatility of these shorts by pairing them with an oversized sweater for a cozy Sunday morning feel. 

Bright, Light, and Pastel Colors 

One of the first things you’ll notice when scouting the internet for the latest trends is that all the greatest fashion icons have one thing in common: they’re all sporting bright and light colors. While nothing can compare to a little black dress, fashion magazines and bloggers have taught us all how to embrace pastel-colored numbers and we’re eternally grateful.

We first noticed the bright colors on floral kimonos. Floral print always comes back around during the summer season. From tropical holidays to lazy days on the beach, it seems everyone is sporting a summery kimono these days. It’s no wonder this gorgeous fashion choice is going viral considering how soft, sleek, and comfortable it is. 

More proof that bright colors don’t seem to be going away any time soon is the evolution of the co-ord set. It seems everyone and their mother owns a fashionable co-ord. One of the main reasons this stylish attire never goes out of style is because there is a co-ord for every personality type out there. There’s smart and sophisticated, summery, and elegant evening looks to represent the bright and light clothing trend. 

After reading this list, you will definitely notice that at least one of these trends has caught your eye. It seems that today’s world has decided that comfort takes precedence over all as we finally understand that we need to feel good to look good; fashion nowadays is about feeling good in your own skin and is made to suit every body type, shape, and size. Most of these fashion trends came at a time when people prioritized comfort without compromising on individuality. That’s why these 4 trends seem to be here to stay. Everyone gets to play with their style while making it look effortless. After all, being comfortable is what makes you feel confident.


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