Top 4 Anime Design Playmats For Gamers


If you are an avid gamer, you definitely want to protect your cards, board, mouse, and other gaming equipment from dirt, rough surface scratches, and other elements. A quality playmat not only helps you achieve this but also helps improve your gaming experience. What’s more, gaming mats come in a wide range of design options to choose from, so making a decision can feel a bit overwhelming.

While many options out there are mass-produced, you may want your playmat to have a unique personalized touch. When it comes to this, anime designs are among the best options when you want to create a statement and elevate your gaming experience. Starting with customized playmats, this article covers some of the four of the top anime design playmats gamers will appreciate.

Custom Anime Mats

As you can tell from the name, custom playmats allow you to choose the theme image you want to be printed on your playmat. They allow you to go beyond the mass-produced styles on the market to get a mat that sets the right mood and blends well with your favorite game. To customize your mat, you just have to visit a reliable site online, choose your desired size, and add an image of your choice. This way, you don’t have to play your games looking at boring and monotonous brand logos. A good provider will produce you custom mats on quality material such as neoprene rubber ensuring a classic look and a smooth gliding surface.

As you seek to customize your playmat, below are some exciting anime designs you might want to look at.

1. Pworld Fate/Grande Anime Designs

Most mats are designed for specific games, meaning that if you play multiple games, you might have to purchase several playmats for each game. Consequently, you could end up spending a lot of money. However, this Grande anime design mat can be used for many games, from poke man to Vanguard, MTG, and Yugi-oh, just to name a few. Besides, the adorable aesthetics are good for increasing morale.

Another advantage is that they are durable, so you can expect a decent service. This is because they are made of high-quality material. The dense black open cell sponge rubber base helps to hold the mat in place which keeps everything intact. The surface is made of polyester cloth, allowing decent protection for your gaming equipment. Lastly, the mats are available in various sizes and are lightweight, which makes storage and transportation easy.

2. Hastune Miku Anime Playmat

These Playmat designs will make your gaming experience seem fancy and high-end. This is because they are not just beautiful but also sleek. The mat has a rubber surface that prevents it from slipping or moving when being used. It also offers great protection for cards, thanks to the premium quality fabric used on the surface. This amazing design is a must-have because of its multiple uses. Apart from being used as a gaming surface, it also serves as an oversized mat or mouse pad for computers and PlayStation equipment. This means that you get the value of two at the price of one. Lastly, it is thin, and lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

3. Naruto Gaara Playmat

If you are a gamer who loves unique and top-notch products, you will adore these custom-designed playmats. They are available in various designs to suit your every mood. The mats are made of polyester cloth that presents a smooth surface which helps with the longevity of sleeves and gaming cards. The base is made of dense black open cell sponge rubber material. All this adds up to give you a smooth gaming experience. The main advantage of this mat is that it can be used for different games. Besides, it measures 3.5in*13.5in, which makes it easy to carry when you have an out-of-the-home game match. All these factors make Naruto Gaara’s design a suitable pick for trading card games.

4. Magic the Gathering (MTG) Playmat

If you have heard of MTG, you are aware of the quality products they have. The same expertise is extended to the mats made. Many artists work to bring various anime designs that every gamer will fall in love with. A common variety is the 2-pack antique book and anime design mat. It is made of video game characters, making it a decorative piece as well as a protective gaming asset. The mat is made of a smooth cloth surface and a rubber base, making it easy to clean. Another pro is that it easily rolls up, making it fit for traveling or storage. All these features are common in all MTG mats.

The benefits provided by gaming playmats speak for themselves. However, they are more impactful when designed with a theme and size of your choice. If you are more into an Anime kind of theme, the above suggestions can be a source of inspiration.


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