6 Essential Items That Every Quilter Should Own 


Quilting is a hobby that is as fun as it is therapeutic. You begin with a pile of fabric and end up with an amazing quilt. However, some parts of quilting can be frustrating and very time-consuming. These kinds of tasks can be tackled with quilting tools that are easily available.  Before you go hunt for some of these tools, here’s a list of 6 essential items that every quilter should own:

Cutting Mat

When it comes to quilting, you’re going to have to do quite a bit of cutting, and some of it won’t be doable by using just scissors. You may need to utilize a paper cutter to get certain shapes done more accurately. This is where a cutting board or mat comes in. Cutting mats come in various shapes and sizes. It is very handy to have a cutting mat large enough to put a width of fabric from the bolt. You need to take care not to cut the mat if you want it to last longer. Don’t iron your mat, clean it regularly and store it on a flat surface.

Rotary Cutter

You need to ensure you test a few rotary cutters before you decide on a single one. You may be happier with a smaller blade, but your quilter friends may like larger blades better. If they do, a good rotary circle cutter is one of the best gifts for quilters on special occasions or otherwise. When deciding to buy a rotary cutter, review the prices of the replacement blades to have a better idea of its cost. You should always keep 1 to 2 spare blades so that you can change them as needed. Don’t forget to put in an order for another replacement once you have used your spare.


Rulers are another very important item needed by quilters. Here’s a pro tip: Always try to buy from the same manufacturer because if you put together different rulers you will notice that there isn’t proper calibration between them and there might be slight differences in the markings. With time you’ll see rulers are one of those things that just begin to accumulate.


You need an iron and an ironing board to press the quilts. When you are working on the measurements and sewing the pieces together, it’s important that they’re ironed properly so that you’re able to get accurate measurements. If you use a crumpled material, your quilt isn’t going to be evenly done and will end up looking a mess.  Use harder iron boards for better results. Your iron should have the function of turning the steam feature on or off because not all materials should be pressed with steam. Some are far too delicate and the steam may end up ruining them.

Sewing Machine and Accessories

If you are just starting out, then you need to consider a good sewing machine. You can buy a quarter-inch foot for the machine to make the sewing better and faster. Always buy machine needles in bulk to ensure you always have extras. You need to change the machine needles regularly to guarantee great results. The thread you choose for quilting matters a lot. The thickness can affect the piecing. 50 wt thread is great for piecing.


Before you get sewing, you need to pin the materials to one another to ensure that you’ve gotten the measurements right. It’s better to do this before you finalize your pattern because it makes it easier for you to analyze and change your mind if need be. You need glass-headed pins because you can easily iron them. However, you can also go with the iron ones to line up seams and points as the glass ones are a little expensive. Remember to get a pin cushion or a magnetic bowl to ensure you have easy and safe storage for your pins.

It’s always important to express your creativity through arts and crafts, and quilting is certainly something you need to try out. To do so, you need to research and understand what goes into the process and how best to go about each step so that it doesn’t become a hassle. Quilting is fun as long as you have the right tools. If you have just begun quilting then you need to have all the essential items listed to ensure you have a great experience. Stay organized with your quilting tools and make sure you always have spare needles and pins so that you don’t have to run to the store every time you need one. Now, you can make your own list of the items you were lacking and start hunting!


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