Best Changing Tables For Newborn Care


A changing table is a very helpful furniture worth adding to your nursery. As you are still adjusting and recuperating from giving birth, you want to be able to comfortably and efficiently do your ‘mommy duties’, including the most common one – changing diapers. A good-quality, sturdy changing table will certainly be your best friend!
Alright. So you’ve started your research and you’re surprised to see different kinds of changing tables. Which one should you pick? What are the features you must look for? Which brand is worth your money? Check out the best changing tables for newborn care in the market this year.

Top 10 Changing Tables of 2018 Reviewed

1. Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

Great if you have a limited space – the Dream on Me changing Table is built with a lightweight, portable frame. It features open shelving which makes assembly and set-up easy and access to baby items convenient. Made from solid wood, this beautiful changing table comes in five different finishes.

2. Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Baby Changing Table

The Costzon Changing Table can be used as a baby massaging table as well. Made with non-skid kid feet covers and sturdy metal frame, the table is stable enough to resist movements. It also features three compartments, perfect for storing diapers, towels, and other baby essentials.

3. Graco Lauren Changing Table

Graco Lauren Changing Table

Featuring an accessible open design, the Graco Lauren Changing Table offers ample of space for your baby’s items. It includes a vinyl waterproof changing pad and a built-in safety strap for added security. This table is made from solid pine wood and composite construction.

4. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Built from sturdy wood in the non-toxic finish, the Delta Children Eclipse Table features two spacious shelves, top safety rails, changing pad, and a safety belt. Its storage space is large enough to store bins along with other baby essentials and toiletries.

5. Costzon Baby Changing Table (Black)

Costzon Baby Changing Table (Black)

This table keeps everything looking clean and tidy in your nursery with removable hamper and baskets. In addition to the safety belt, Costzon Baby Changing Table features guardrails surrounding the changing pad to secure your newborn.

6. Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table features a water-resistant changing pad and an open generous storage space so you can easily access your baby’s supplies. The table has an extra deep surface for added security.


7. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table (Grey)

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table (Grey)

Featuring a modern finish, the Badger Changing Table brings ample of storage space for your baby supplies, diapers, and toiletries. It includes a foam changing pad, safety belt, and safety rails enclosing the sides of the changing area.

8. Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

This changing table features a sturdy wood construction and water-resistant GreenGuard-certified changing pad. Delta Infant Changing Table also comes with a hypoallergenic fabric cover that is comfortable and safe for your baby.

9. South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table

South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table

The Savannah Changing Table features three open space storages for an easy access to all your changing needs, along with 2 drawers. Very sturdy and beautiful – this multipurpose table is a great addition to your nursery.

10. DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Changer Dresser

DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Changer Dresser

Made from New Zealand pine wood, the DaVinci Changing Table and Dresser serves plenty of purposes for your baby’s needs. It features a changer with removable tray and a stand-alone dresser.

How to Choose A Changing Table For Your Newborn

Statistics show that on average, a baby will go through 6,000 diapers. That means you’d be changing nappies almost 6,000 times too! A high-quality changing table is, therefore, a great investment. But because you have a lot to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best one that’ll work for you. Well, not if you will take note of this buying guide and check out the best changing tables in 2018 as listed above. Who knows, you might just find it there.

Consider the features

There are several features that are worth checking out when buying a changing table.

  • Versatility – some changing tables come with drawers and shelves which can be used not just as storage for diapers but also blankets, mattresses, baby’s clothes, and even toys. A combination of changing table and dresser can be used for years, even after your little one is done with diapers.
  • Storage – you will appreciate a handy place to keep the diapers, creams, wipes, soaps and other must-haves when changing nappies. Some models even come with a hamper for cleaning convenience.
  • Style – of course, you would also want a changing table that complements the color and décor of your nursery. Changing tables are usually made from solid wood or metal frames. Whichever you prefer, make sure it fits your style and taste.

Make sure it’s safe and secure

Of extreme priority is the safety of your child. The best changing tables for newborn care are sturdy, stable and have some form of roll-off protection to keep the child from falling out even if he gets squirmy and fussy. They are also free from sharp edges, finger/limb traps, and other hazards. The side barriers or guardrails should be at least 3 inches high. Other safety features to look out for are the restraint straps and harness (but you shouldn’t depend on them too much). Also check if the table has castors at the bottom and if yes, if they have brakes – very important.

Choose the height and size that suits you

Choose a changing table that suits your height so you don’t have to bend over or reach too far when changing nappies. The size matters too. If you have enough space in your nursery, you won’t have an issue with bulky changing tables. Otherwise, you may opt for space-saving, compact and perhaps foldable tables. Yet, don’t compromise the quality over convenience.

Be keen on the mattress and changing pad

Changing pads with curved mattresses and soft sidewalls are ideal for newborns as they keep the baby from falling out or rolling back and forth. Some tables don’t include a mattress so you may need to buy a separate one. Also, do check the quality of the pad or mattress. Choose a high-grade one which is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The cover is essential too. It will get dirty every time you change your baby’s nappy. You can use disposable or washable covers, depends on what’s easier on your life and pocket.

Choose the table which is easy to clean

Lastly, opt for the changing table that makes cleaning so easy and convenient. You must be able to easily wipe down the changing surface clean, remove the pad and wash it. Changing nappies already take a lot of time. Cleaning the changing table shouldn’t anymore.