Best Cradles – Your Baby’s First Bed


During her first few months, your baby will be sleeping and sleeping… and sleeping some more. She’s going to spend a lot of time in her bed. While cradles are among the baby gear items that are easily outgrown, having one in your nursery is a great way to ensure that your baby is able to sleep soundly and safely in a cozy little space that will give her so much comfort. If you’re considering buying one, choose only the cradle which has passed certain safety standards, like those from the Safety Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association.

Remember – that cradle will be carrying your most precious cargo so it must be sturdy, safe, and well-built.

Top 10 Cradles of 2018 Reviewed

To aid you in your search here is a list of the best cradles to buy for your baby and a guide on how to choose one.

1. Dream on Me Rocking Cradle

Dream on Me Rocking Cradle

The Dream on Me Cradle is designed to gently rock your baby at a steady pace but can be made stationary using a simple support pin. It features non-toxic finish, arched head, and footboards, and is equipped with a slumber pad.

2. Sorelle Dondola Cradle

Sorelle Dondola Cradle

Made from New Zealand Pine wood, this sturdy cradle is equipped with wheels for easy mobility if you need to move it back and forth between rooms. Sorelle Dondola Cradle features smooth, hand-rubbed surfaces, and a cradle mattress that perfectly fits into the cradleboard.

3. Green Frog, Allegro Cradle

Green Frog, Allegro Cradle

This beautiful hand-crafted cradle is made from New Zealand pine wood and non-toxic finish. Green Frog, Allegro Cradle is easy to assemble and can be put in a stationary mode with a built-in stabilizer.

4. Orbelle Trading Ga Cradle

Orbelle Trading Ga Cradle

Constructed from solid wood, this cradle can be used by your family for the generations to come. Featuring non-toxic finish and fancy detailed curves, Orbelle Trading Ga Cradle includes a fitted mattress, stoppers to keep the cradle from rocking, and assembly tools for easy setup.


5. Green Frog Bassinet

Green Fog Bassinet

The transparent mesh side windows give you a convenient view of your child even though you’re a few feet away. The Green Fog Bassinet features a lightweight built with wheels for easy transport and a premium mattress for maximum comfort.



This cradle will surely put your baby to sleep with its relaxing, gentle rocking movement. All sides of the cradle are covered with mesh that’s breathable and airy. BABYBJORN Cradle doesn’t have bars or loose parts so there’s no worrying about your little one’s limbs getting wedged or stuck in between.

7. Green Frog Allegro Cradle

Green Frog Allegro Cradle

The Green Frog Allegro features a modern design with rich espresso finish. It includes a soft mattress that perfectly fits into the cradle.

8. Orbelle French White Lola Cradle

Orbelle French White Lola Cradle

The Orbelle Lola Cradle features soft-padded headboard and footboard and a beautiful, handcrafted design. It is equipped with anti-rocking pins so you can conveniently put the cradle in a stationary mode.

9. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper 

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet has it all – from the adjustable base, night light, soothing vibration, sleep sounds, and mesh ventilating sides. The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is a premium product that also acts as a co-sleeper.

10. Electric Baby Bedding

Electric Baby Bedding

Featuring anti-skid pad design, safety belt, high-density mosquito nets, three-gear swing, MP3 plug function, and an intelligent electronic control technology – the Electric Baby Bedding and Cradle brings comfort to your child and convenience on your part.

How to Choose a Cradle For Your Baby

Many babies sleep better in a cradle than in a crib during their first months. This is probably because they feel safer in a smaller area than in a roomy one. At this point, your baby is at the most fragile stage – with very tender bones and body parts that are yet to be fully developed. Therefore, you have to be super selective in buying the best cradle for your baby. Hopefully, the following tips will make your search less stressful.

Safety and Functionality

Of course, your main focus on selecting a bassinet or cradle is how safe it is going to be for your newborn. The best cradles available today, like those listed above, are built from high-end materials, a sturdy base, high sides, and non-toxic finishes. The mattress should fit perfectly, not leaving any space around the edges as it can cause the baby’s head to get wedged and could suffocate her. Some cradles feature padded headboard and footboard for a safer and cozier environment for the baby.

Furthermore, since your baby will be using the cradle for just a very limited time, you would want to maximize its use. The best cradles available today do have additional features that parents find to be very useful. Some have pockets or storage underneath to serve as storage for diapers, clothes, blankets, and more. Some cradles can be used as a changing table while others can be converted into a bedside sleeper which attaches to an adult bed.

Movement and Features

Cradles are designed to gently rock your baby. But because of safety concerns, manufacturers of cradles have incorporated more movement features. Some cradles incorporate an electronic control technology which allows parents to time and adjust the swing motions. Other models glide while the wheels stay stationary.

In addition to the movement options, you will appreciate the cradles which are equipped with entertainment features especially when your baby starts to have longer waking hours. These may include toys, sounds, and music.


Portability is another thing that you should consider when buying a cradle. In most cases, you will have to move the cradle to different areas in your house so you may want something that’s durable yet lightweight. Assembly and disassembly is a great feature especially if you plan on bringing the cradle when spending a few nights away from home. Some cradles do have casters which allow you to roll the entire cradle around.


Most cradles come with a mattress. Make sure that the mattress is at 1-1 ½ inch thick and there is very little (almost no) gap between it and the sides of the cradle. Some units come with a liner/skirt, hood cover, and sheet. Others are surrounded by mesh so it’s breathable and prevents smothering hazards once the baby ends up leaning against the side of the cradle. Lastly, the fabrics used for the bedding should be kid-friendly, hypoallergenic, and washable.

A high-quality cradle is a wonderful addition to your nursery – being a perfect place for your newborn to sleep. The best cradles available today bring comfort, safety, portability, and functionality all in one snuggly, comfy and beautiful little sanctuary.