Everything You Need To Know About Having a Bounce House Party


Your kid’s birthday party is one of the most exciting events that they are going to experience. For the young ones, birthday parties are like a vacation, holiday, and an excuse to invite all of their friends in the school to come over and have fun. It is an important day for them to receive all the love and happiness. While it is all “fun” for them, it means extensive planning and preparation for you. There are huge considerations like the budget, event venue, the food, how big the party will be, and how will you make it fun for everyone.

If you want something fun, you might be searching on the internet about fun birthday party ideas. You might come across a bounce house party or saw another kid of your friends had one. While bounce parties existed years and years ago, there is not much information about it. There are assumptions that it is unhygienic, expensive, and unsafe for children. To debunk all of that, we made a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about having a bounce house party. Continue reading, so you and your kid are one step closer to a fantastic party!

Bounce Party Ideas

Bounce parties are now getting more famous nowadays, and companies are finding more and more ways to make them more enjoyable for kids. Visit or contact the Best Inflatable Party Rentals and Event Supply Company in your area, and you’ll be able to see many bounce party ideas they can offer you. Here are some of the bounce party ideas you can try.

Water and Dry Slide Bounce

Water slide bounce is a fantastic party idea, especially if it’s a summer birthday! They are great fun and can be used with or without water on them. They are appropriate for toddlers and kids. The kids will undoubtedly enjoy climbing up and sliding down on it!

Bounce Castle

The bounce castle is perfect for the prince and princess of the households. They can be a fun addition to themed parties, and kids will love them. There are different designs of bounce castles fit for boys or girls. Just give them paper crowns, and they can rule the caste.

Obstacle Course and Playlands

Obstacle course and playlands are a thrilling treat for adventurous and competitive children. They can play on a dry bounce house or wet bounce house for more added fun. Kids can conquer the obstacle while jumping on rings, pop-ups, and tunnels. There are also rock climbing walls and slides included. You can guarantee that they will be happy and worn out after a day of playing in it!

Carnival Games

You can get a bounce house shaped like basketball rings and football goals. There are also laser tag or airborne adventure offered. If you want a carnival theme for your kid, you can add other carnival games such as ball and bucket toss, bottle stand, and balloon and dart to your back yard or venue.

Party Food Booths

Another bounce party birthday idea is to add party food booths along with the bounce house. Kids will love cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, and hot dog carts to snack while taking breaks while playing.

You can check with the rental company about what other fun ideas they can offer. Most companies offer packages, and it will make the party much delightful for children.

Advantages Of Bounce Party

Kids Love Them

Bounce houses are undoubtedly loved by children. They visit it in amusement parks, malls, and playgrounds. You can hear kids often asking for permission to spend time in a bounce house. They can spend hours and hours in there without getting tired. While kids love it because it is fun, parents will benefit because their children are being physically active. Kids love them so much that the only problem you will have is getting them out of the bounce house.

You Can Incorporate It With Any Party Theme

If your son loves spaceships or any sports, bounce houses are available not only in different sizes but also in different styles. You can also find glitter castles, Disney Princesses, and many more designs that you can easily incorporate into your party. You can spice up the party and turn it from a boring backyard party to a party that kids and guests will love.

They Are Very Entertaining

In planning an ordinary party, you will be in a challenging situation where you have to think of how the party will go and how the kids will enjoy it. However, at a bounce house kid’s party, you don’t have to worry about thinking about other fun things that they can do. The bounce house will keep them happy and occupied. The best thing is you will have plenty of time to do everything without thinking about what’s going on.

It Will Be A Hassle-Free Party

Traditional children’s parties have a lot of activities that will be messy. This includes playing inside the house, running around the garden, doing some arts and crafts, and eating and spilling the food everywhere. After the party, you will need to allot time or money for an extensive cleanup. If you have a bounce house party, all the mess will be outside the house. And the cleaning company will clean and sanitize the bounce house after. You don’t have to stress about anything anymore after the party.

Things To Consider In Selecting The Right Bounce House

Before renting the bounce house right away, it is vital to consider these things first to avoid any problems.

  • Your kid’s age: If the birthday celebrant is a toddler, you may want to opt for a smaller bounce house with beginner’s difficulty. If your children are age six or up, you may want to get bigger bounce houses with advanced difficulty levels as they are more active.
  • Size of backyard/venue: It will be a dilemma if you rent a huge bounce house and do not fit the area. Check and measure the party place first before choosing a bounce house.
  • Your budget: Most rentals range from $100 to over $1,000, depending on size and type. It would be best to inform the company about your budget so they can suggest and help you work around that budget. With this, the expectation is set on both sides, and the transaction will be more straightforward.
  • Rental Company: Choose a company that is easy to talk to, offers quality service, and has a strict sanitation process. While there are many companies providing bounce house rentals, only a few can be reliable and excellent.

Bounce House Safety Reminders

While bounce houses are much safer and just require minimal to zero adult supervision, there are still safety reminders you have to bear in mind when using them. These safety precautions must be followed to ensure that the kids are not only having fun but are also safe. First, you should ask for the maximum capacity (including weight limit) that is allowed to play in it. Since bounce houses are a play where kids jump and move around, check if it is securely strapped and anchored to the ground.

For the air inside, move the blower from high foot traffic area so no one would trip on it and accidentally unplugged it. If the blower is turned off, there’s a possibility of deflation and collapse, so you would want to avoid that. Always check the weather and outdoor condition before setting up and proceeding with the bounce house party.

Make sure that the kids are supervised, and someone is always monitoring the condition of the inflatables. If the bounce house is for a specific age group only, don’t let older or younger kids to play on it. First, it will cause injuries, and second, you might damage the bounce house entirely. Lastly, ensure that they play inside the bounce house and not outside to prevent any accident from happening.

Questions To Ask Before Renting

The services vary from one rental company to another, and it’s essential to ask them questions, so you’ll understand everything better and choose the right provider.

  1. What happens if the weather is not appropriate on the day of my rental?
  2. Do you clean and sanitize the Bounce Houses after each rental?
  3. Does the rental include the set-up and removals?
  4. Can you supervise the Bounce House when we rent it?
  5. What do I need to do before and after the bounce house party?
  6. Can a Bounce House only be set-up on a particular surface?
  7. Will you process permits if my venue is in a public place (e.g., parks, clubhouses, other venues)?

If you want a party that your kid and their guest will undoubtedly enjoy, then a bounce house is the answer. It will make them feel special and have the most memorable birthday ever. Parties like this will save you a lot of time, money, and effort compare to traditional birthday parties. More importantly, remember that your child will not care about fancy or pricy things, but they want a fantastic time with their family and friends.


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