Finally, An Effective Gadget to Measure Breast Milk Supply


Many mothers the world over are concerned that their breast milk supply is inadequate. This anxiety leads to most of them abandoning breastfeeding earlier than they had planned. There is thus a large gap in the market for a gadget which can effectively and reliably measure breast milk production. I am pleased to reveal that I have discovered a device that meets these specifications, and has additional advantages!

The device is quite small, and thus portable. It can be strapped to the mother for hands-free usage or placed on the mother’s lap. While switched on, the device emits audio cues which indicate that milk is due to be tested. The device then follows a simple user-friendly test procedure: the unit attaches directly to the mothers breast producing a vacuum effect. This has been scientifically proven to extract milk more efficiently to a higher quantity than any other product to date, even surpassing hospital-grade breast pumps.  There is no need to use any additional attachments or aids such as rubber shields, flanges, shells or teats. The device can even be programmed to test larger quantities of milk over a period of time. One of the unique selling points of this product is that it has pre-installed motor and sensory applications including visual sensors, auditory sensors and olfactory sensors which provide a multi-faceted user experience. When not in use, the device has a sleep mode (however admittedly, in new devices this can be temperamental). Importantly, the device features a discrete feedback port which produces an accurate and user-friendly reading of milk production. The device is environmentally friendly and, with gentle maintenance, will provide the user with years of satisfaction. For illustrative purposes, here is a prototype diagram.