How To Know If Your Home Is Child Friendly


Whether you are having your first kid, second kid, or simply preparing your home for visitors, you might have concerns as to whether your home is child friendly. What are the hazards that could cause issues to kids in your home? What things about your home are great for kids? Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to help you figure out how to know if your home is or is not child-friendly. And, if it is not, what you can do about it.

Keeping The House Clean

It almost goes without saying, that one of the most important things to keep in mind for kids is cleanliness. Children, especially the younger ones, put their hands, feet, and even mouths all over everything, so it’s best to keep everything nice and clean. A home appliance expert from explained that even in a small rug or carpeted area, there can be thousands of tiny particles, pet hairs, dust, and germs built up. That’s why regular cleaning and disinfecting of other surfaces is essential before the kids enter a room. Of course, things get dirty over time and kids can be the messiest of all, but keeping regular cleaning time is the best way to go.

Common Safety Hazards (And How To Prevent Them)

Staying with the theme of what’s not great for kids. Let’s briefly go room by room in your house and explore some common hazards that could affect children. Then, if possible, we’ll let you know how to avoid making these mistakes.

  • Kitchen

First, the kitchen, the land of the appliance. Let’s start at child-height. There are many doors and cabinets openable, even for a small child. A quick tug on the oven, washing machine, or dishwasher door could lead to disaster. Either put latches on these doors or install a baby gate to stop super young kids from entering the kitchen. Another thing to consider is all the smaller appliances. Make sure kettles, toasters, cutlery, and other dangers are well out of reach.

  • Bathroom

The main risk in the bathroom is water, obviously. Keep the toilet lid shut and never leave a full bath or sink unattended. You’d be amazed at how quickly a toddler can get themselves into trouble. Also, ensure any razors, pills, or potentially non-child-friendly cleaning products are locked in a cabinet they can’t reach.

  • Bedroom and Living Room

In these rooms, where there is rarely water or similar type hazards, the main risks are usually plugged sockets and furniture. Many chests of drawers and cupboards are perfect for toddlers to climb, so make sure they’re bolted to the wall as per their instructions. Purchase socket covers to avoid babies sticking their wet fingers inside a live power point.


Child touching a plug socket cover with its finger

Embrace The Fun

We’ve talked a lot about hazards for kids, so how about we discuss some things to help you and your kids enjoy the house? Bear in mind, it is not going to be neat, tidy, and organized all the time when you have kids. So, the best thing to do is embrace the fun. Embrace the fact that your house has gone a little wild. Understand that your children are enjoying life, being creative, and using their imaginations 24/7. Let them decorate, let them show off their toys, and do it all with them. The more you embrace the madness, the happier your unit will be.

Giving Kids Their Own Space

Another top tip we’ve heard from scores of people is to create dedicated space for your kids. A lot of the worries of hazards go away if you create a perfect play space for your children. You can leave them there (briefly!) safe in the knowledge that they are safe and surrounded by things they love. A playroom or childproofed bedroom is the kind of space we are talking about. Consider a play area with educational information, like maps for wallpaper. Keep furnishing short and soft to make sure there is little chance of falls, cuts, or scrapes. Let your children play freely and know that they are as safe and happy as ever!

Following these simple steps will make your home a totally safe, welcoming, and happy place for children be they your own or other families. Keep it clean and keep it safe, dedicate some specialized kids areas, and most of all embrace the madness. After all, kids are the greatest, especially when you join in the fun with them.


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