Practical Gift Ideas for New Born Babies


Practical Gift Ideas for New Born Babies

Being a newbie parent is unbelievably tough, but it is also extremely rewarding. There will be plenty of times that parents of a newborn baby don’t have enough sleep, are tired, and don’t know what to do. Hence, new parents need some extra support from anyone around them, most especially in the early parts of the child’s life. This also includes acquiring stuff that the baby can use while growing up.

There are plenty of delightful baby gifts on the market today, but not everything is as useful as the look. New parents are in desperate need to make their chaotic routine and schedule a little bit easier. If you don’t have any clue about what gift to bring to the baby shower, we made a list of practical gift ideas that are good for the baby and useful for the parents.

Newborn Soft Socks

Newborn babies are sensitive to heat and cold, this is why giving them soft socks that will keep their little feet warm is one of the best ideas. Try to find high-quality socks that will not irritate the baby’s skin, check also the elastic cuffs and make sure it won’t squeeze the baby’s legs. Socks can be used during all seasons, and gifting a set would be beneficial to the parents since they will be needing plenty of pairs of socks since they tend to fall out or get lost, either in the laundry or somewhere outside.

Cute Set of Shoes

Shoes can be given to the baby for the same reason as socks. Babies have little feet that may need protection from elements both outside and inside the house, although babies won’t wear them all the time, newborn shoes can serve as an additional layer of protection when the weather outside changes or the temperature inside is different. Furthermore, giving them comfortable and stylish kicks will add to their overall cuteness. Even though they are not walking yet, fashionable shoes with cute colors and cool patterns will also be a perfect newborn gift.

High-Quality Bibs

You might think that newborn babies don’t need a bib yet, but you will be surprised how many different types of baby bibs can be found on the market for the youngest humans. There are milk and drool bibs that can absorb any excess liquids from the baby, they are usually made out of cotton and can be used for ages ranging from zero to six months. After that, parents may proceed with food bibs that are made from silicone or other synthetic materials in order to wipe the food remnants easily. Try to give quality bibs that can protect the baby’s skin, those which are easy to clean, comfortable, and can also be used when they become a toddler.

Hypoallergenic Bath Products

Another thing that parents most commonly need, but are also a little bit expensive, is gentle bath products for newborn babies. Giving an unperfumed and hypoallergenic bath essential set is the perfect way to make sure that the baby can be clean and also safe from any skin irritations. Get a set with liquid soap, mild shampoo, and oils that are safe and effective in keeping their skin healthy. This gift will make the baby happy, while at the same time you help the parents save some money.

Baby Teether

This tiny gift will be the most useful for the baby when the teething period comes. By giving them teethers you can help the baby soothe their gums when their teeth start to grow, which is usually around the third to the seventh month. Find a safe teether for the baby that they can put in their mouth for long periods of time, one which is not so small to choke them.

Safe Infant Toys

Newborn babies can’t play right away, but they need something to help them develop their motor skills. There are newborn baby toys made from soft textured, rubber materials that will be perfect for babies to grab, touch and feel with their hands. They can also come with different designs, animals, shapes, and blocks. This can be also a perfect addition to their room or cribs.  Just make sure that they are safe for the baby and won’t cause any trouble in any way.

Before choosing a gift for the special little ones, it is important to remember that these are safe for them too. With this list of practical gifts for newborn babies, you can make sure that what you are giving them a suitable gift that will at the same time be beneficial to the parents.


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