Thursday, 15 November 2012

Breastmilk Storage Bags – Modelled By Men

Conceived and executed by Monday, an ad agency based in Bangkok, Thailand, this ad campaign jumps on the male breastfeeding bandwagon ignited earlier in the year by that guy who got shunned by La Leche League. The ads depict various men from across the generations lovingly nursing babies. From ‘grandpa’ to ‘brother’ (these are the labels given to the respective ads), it appears that men do want to lend a helping hand (or in this case, breast).

However WTF has this got to do with the product? The ads are trying to sell the ‘Nanny Breast Milk Storage Bag’, yet the men are feeding the babies directly from their breasts, and as they aren’t using supplemental feeding devices, this campaign makes no sense. On first glance.

Consider the target audience – pumping mothers - and the rationale behind the ads starts to fall into place. It would appear that the aim is to equate the act of nursing with the act of giving expressed breastmilk (i.e. giving breastmilk via the bottle is on par with giving it via the breast). So by expressing your milk and storing it in these freezer bags, your husband/dad/brother can then ‘breastfeed’ for you. Yes my friends, with the help of the Nanny Breast Milk Storage Bag, your baby can get all the goodness of breast milk from Daddy. Bless. However I’ve got two issues with this ad campaign. Firstly, bottle and breast are not equals, even if they both contain breast milk. There are less advantages to bottled breastmilk than breastmilk straight from the source. Secondly, the ads tap into the tired-old assumption, that in order for men to bond with their babies, they must feed them.


Blueberry's Mommy said...

I actually kind of like the ad. In my home, Dad is the SAHP and, when I originally tried going back to my job after my son was born, we pumped and my DS got that. That wasn't when they would bond (DS actually wouldn't take the bottle if DH held him close enough to hear his heartbeat or smell him). I don't agree that the only way to bond with babies is to feed them (in any way), but I like that the ad shows breastfeeding in some form instead of formula feeding.

MamaBear said...

I really like the bottom one, because when I saw it, I interpreted it as young dad taking responsibility and rejecting the stereotype of "gangsta" boys getting their GF's pregnant then leaving.

Softy Pants said...

I like the ad. While it's obviously not realistic as in RL the dads, grandads, or uncles would be giving the milk from a bottle, it gets the point across without words. If there is a poster at, say, a subway station or bus stop, which people will only get a fleeting glance of, they will get the "gist", rather than showing the blokes feeding from a bottle which would look like an advert for formula feeding if you don't read the accompanying text.

Whilst I agree that feeding isn't the only way to bong, I actually think this ad shows something lovely - skin to skin contact between (sometimes unexpected, particularly the young dad) baby and a male role model.

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