Is your state the best or the worst for breastfeeding? Find out


Did you know that your geographical location can contribute to your likelihood of breastfeeding success? Okay, well just pretend you didn’t. Feign shock or something. The good folks over at The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention have gone all Santa and written a list detailing which states are naughty and which are nice. Rather than bore you with it, I thought I’d show you this nifty interactive map, created by Rani Molla for The Wall Street Journal. It showcases all the info for you lucky people:

The first few days..

We all know how important those first few hours and days of a baby’s life are for establishing breastfeeding. Nursing your baby right away increases the likelihood that he will continue to breastfeed, and gives him colostrum which is uber rich in antibodies and essential nutrients. Moms also benefit from early breastfeeding through improved lactation and less loss of blood. What’s not to like, people? Suffice to say, babies and moms should be rooming-in from birth, spending those important first few days together, without interruption.

Now, take a gander at this map. As your eyes drift from left to right, the rate of rooming-in actually decreases! But don’t freak, you haven’t discovered an innate ability to curse others with your eyes (your mother in law is breathing a sigh of relief). Nope, it would seem hospitals and birth centres are more baby-friendly in the West, with over 55% of babies rooming-in at least 23 hours per day. Lucky babas!

If you’re of the Pinterest persuasion, I’ve put together this list showing how each state is performing in the breastfeeding trenches. Pin away, my friends!

Now time to show your breastfeeding pride on Facebook, with these lovelies..

The Top 5

1. California

2. Idaho

3. Alaska

4. South Dakota

5. Vermont

The Bottom 5

1. Arkansas

2. West Virginia

3. Georgia

4. Mississippi

5. Tennessee